If you’re looking for a compact and discreet pipe that offers more than just portability, Honest Pipe's Path Hand Pipe may be a good fit. It’s modern, sleek, and comfortable, and does a good job of delivering cool and smooth hits for short periods of time.

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Cool and Smooth Hits

The biggest feature of this pipe is the design, which was specifically made to deliver smooth, filtered smoke that feels cool with each hit. This is from the winding smoke path, which is a small metal maze hidden under the top cover. When you take a hit, you just see the small black pipe with the lid on, which resembles many portable smoking devices. The hidden smoke path underneath the cover quietly cools off the smoke as it travels, while also filtering it to give a smooth hit when it reaches your lungs.

The first thing I noticed when I held the pipe was how cold the metal is, and I could easily imagine getting a smooth, refreshing hit. I was taken aback when I felt how cool and smooth it really was, only to be let down a bit when the next few hits came around. The first hit out of the pipe when it was cold and ready to go was amazing and performed exactly as expected. However, the next few hits were naturally warmer and slightly harsher, as the pipe warmed up from the traveling smoke and warm hands holding it.

The pathway from bowl to mouth cools off the smoke (Wikileaf / Christian Parroco)

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I shared it with a few friends and had the same experience. The first person to hit the pipe was amazed by the cool, gentle pull, but the following turns were not as special. Still, the delivery of the hit remained smoother and less harsh all the way through. For many, this is enough reason to use it, because pipes are notorious for giving harsh hits and making people cough.

If you’re someone who only takes a hit or two at a time, or wants a portable device to take with you, this would be a good option. The first couple of hits will be cold and refreshing, and it will continue to deliver a smooth hit even as the pipe warms up from body heat and the smoke.

Look and Design

This pipe has been around since summer of 2018, and it seems the creators know what they’re doing. The design is small, and the pipe can fit in your hand comfortably without feeling fragile or giving away its function by appearance. Since it’s made of metal, it eliminates the hassle and risk of carrying a glass pipe around, which can easily break at any wrong movement. The Honest Pipe has a sliding top cover that seals over the bowl and smoke path, and must be slid up just an inch or so to line the cover hole with the bowl when it’s time to take a hit.

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The setup of the pipe is rather simple, with just a few parts working together. At rest, the pipe sits empty or with a loaded bowl and the cover sealed over the pipe, covering the contents. When you’re ready to smoke, you just slide the cover forward a bit to line the hole up with the bowl. As you take a hit, smoke travels down the maze, which is meant to cool off and filter it before it leaves the pipe.

There is also an airflow control you’ll want to pay attention to that will allow you to customize the volume of smoke and clear the smoke path when you’re done. When you’re done, just close the cover again to conceal the contents and bowl, and you it can go back in a pocket or anywhere for safe keeping.

This mechanism is simple and easy to use, and I find the pipe to be small enough to carry around in any situation, even if that meant my back pocket all day. It’s sleek and inconspicuous, and could easily be mistaken for another portable smoking device.

Discreet and Odor-Locking

The Path Hand Pipe comes in a sleek package (Wikileaf / Christian Parroco)

The top cover is efficient and easy to slide and does an amazing job at keeping the odor contained. I brought it to the library with me after having sealed it up a few days prior, and it wasn’t until I slid off the top odor-sealing cover that I realized half of a burnt bowl was still in the pipe, and I had unleashed the scent to the other patrons. I just wanted to get a better look at the way it slides, but once the cover was open, there was no stopping the odor from releasing.  I quickly shut the top in horror, and the initial smell faded into the background after a few moments.

I tested the closed cover out by shaking, dropping, and throwing the pipe in with other belongings in my backpack for a day to see if the lid would ever slide off accidentally, unleashing the scent. It always remained sealed though, keeping the contents safe and hidden. With that experience behind me, it’s safe to say that this pipe is perfect for traveling, because you can load a bowl, seal it up, and take it with you for the future.  No smell will ever escape when you have the top cover closed. And when you’ve finished, all you have to do to extinguish the bowl after you use it and slide the cover back over.

Is it Worth Purchasing?

The pipe itself is very attractive, and difficult to identify as a marijuana-smoking device upon first glance. It looked like a vaporizer pen to me, but I quickly figured out the design is quite different and unique. I was most excited to try it out because I do not like using pipes, and found myself intrigued by the concept of cool and smooth hits. Overall, it delivers, but not as drastically as I had envisioned.

I would take this with me as an on-the-go device, and use it in place of a regular pipe because of its less-harsh draws. The ability to pre-load a bowl and completely seal off any odor is beneficial for many, and the smooth and cool hits are just another bonus.