Receiving a package that you've been expecting is one of the best feelings in the world - but getting a package that you weren't expecting feels even better. I know this because last week I unexpectedly got a care package from Skull Candy, with a brand new pair of Push True Wireless Earbuds. At this point, you're probably just as confused as I was. I distinctly remember thinking, "What does this have to do with cannabis, and why are they sending them to me?" Well, an unread email from Skullcandy that was sitting in my inbox had the answers. "Skullcandy’s 12 Moods campaign is celebrating the visceral power of music and spotlighting a different mood, athlete story, artist performance and limited-edition product drops each month. With 4/20 and Earth Day around the corner, Skullcandy is feeling Elevated this April and will celebrate with the release of never-before-seen video performance from high-minded hip-hop duo EARTHGANG. Fans can also purchase a limited-edition product-kit from which features a pair of olive green Push True Wireless Earbuds and matching Bud Kit to help listeners bust down while they roll up."

EARTHGANG wearing Skullcandy Push True Wireless Earbuds Source: Skullcandy
I'm not going to lie - I definitely rolled my eyes a little bit at that last line there, but all eye rolling stopped as soon as I opened the box and took a closer look at what exactly they sent me. Obviously, the star of the package was the headphones. And obviously, the first thing I did was try them out. Now let me be clear about one thing - I went into this review completely biased. I happen to be part of the 1% club that is comprised of Airpod owners, and there wasn't a thing that you could tell me about any other headphones that could stop me from using them - or so I thought. It pains me deeply to say that the sound quality on The Push True is actually better than anything I've experienced on my Airpods. And at $129 for the special edition Push True headphones, they retail for $30 less. If you're not interested in the special colorways, then you can get the Gray Day headphones. They're the same quality headphones, at only $99. You're literally getting more, for less. The sPush True Wireless Earbuds  are loaded with features, including:

  • Water Resistance
  • 12 Hours of Battery Life
  • Secure FitFin Gels
  • Activate Assistant
  • Volume Control
  • Microphone for hands-free calling

12 Moods Campaign

Skullcandy is going to be releasing a different special edition colorway a month for 10 more months. March's mood was Bold, which featured a tangerine colorway, and as stated earlier, this month's mood is Elevated, which features an olive green colorway. But that's not all the campaign is about. Since Skullcandy is celebrating 4/20, they included a Bud Kit with the headphones. It's a carrying case that's the same color as the earbuds. It unzips down the middle; on one side, there are two stash jars to hold your cannabis while you're traveling. On the other side, there is a pocket to hold your Push True Wireless Earbuds charging case, as well as room for some papers and a small vaporizer (picture a Pax.) They're also partnering with a different artist each month for a performance. Check out the exclusive performance of "Stuck"  EARTHGANG gave for Skullcandy below.


Final Thoughts

The Push True Wireless Earbuds are 100% worth the buy, and with a different colorway being released each month, there is bound to be one that fits your vibe. The little extra gift with purchase is great too! You can bet I'll be using my Bud Kit. The only complaint I have is not with the product, but with the packaging. The size of the box that the earbuds were shipped in is literally about 8x the size of the box that was actually holding them. The rest of the package was filled with styrofoam. Considering the fact that this month's mood was in part to celebrate Earth Day, Skullcandy might want to invest in a more eco-friendly form of packaging. However, presentation-wise, it sure did look pretty.