Cannabis can become dried out for several reasons. Marijuana that was grown in a wet climate and then transported somewhere dry can dry up your buds quickly. Not storing your weed in an airtight container can also turn in crumbly (aka stop storing your weed in Ziploc baggies because that will make them dry out faster.) Glass containers with airtight lids are the way to go if you want to keep your weed fresh. No one wants to smoke dried out weed that turns to dust. If this is something that’s happened to you, there are plenty of ways to rehydrate your weed and return it to quality status stat.

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Common Ways to Rehydrate Your Weed

Citrus Peel

Perhaps the most popular method of rehydrating weed is the old orange peel method. People have been using it for years to bring life back to their pot. Adding an orange peel to your weed jar can work like magic to rehydrate your weed

To tap into this little trick, simply take a sharp knife and cut the outer layer of an orange peel. The size you cut off should be determined by the amount of weed you want to rehydrate. Place the peel in the jar and seal the lid tightly. Leave it for a few hours, making sure to check on your bud frequently, and remove it when bud feels moist. You want to make sure not to leave the peels for too long. Too much moisture will lead to mold.

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If you don’t have an orange peel, you can also use the skin from a lemon or lime. A small piece of apple will also work well and won’t add extra flavor like citrus fruits tend to do.


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Lettuce is full of moisture. Did you know that iceberg lettuce is 96 percent water? This makes it an excellent option for rehydrating your weed. Using lettuce is very similar to using orange peels.

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To use this method to rehydrate your weed simply cut a slice of lettuce off the head and place in a bag with your dried-out cannabis buds. Again, the amount of lettuce you use will depend on how much weed you have.

Leave the lettuce in with your dry bud for 2-3 hours. This should be plenty of time for the water in the lettuce to rehydrate your weed and return it back to its original glory. Lettuce is a good option for those who don’t want the residual taste that citrus fruit peels can add to buds.

Fresh Cannabis Flowers

If you’re a grower and have fresh cannabis buds, they can be amazing for bringing your dried-out stash back to life. If you’ve ever harvested, you know how damp cannabis flowers are when they’re picked from the stem.

Try placing a freshly cut cannabis flower in with your dry weed and seal the lid tightly. This has proven to work well for others in the past. Check on your weed regularly to see how the rehydration process is going, and when it feels moist again simply remove the fresh marijuana bud.

A Slice of Bread

For this method, simply place your cannabis in a large plastic bag with one slice of bread. You can leave it overnight, which should be sufficient time to rehydrate dried-out weed. You don’t want to leave the bread in the bag too long however because just like with citrus peels, too much moisture can lead to mold.

Wet Paper Towel Moisture Packs

This is a method that can be good for people to rehydrate large quantities of cannabis. To try this rehydration hack, take sheets of paper towel and soak them in water. Next, put the wet paper towels in a plastic baggie, seal it, and poke small holes in the bag. Then add this wet paper towel moisture pack to your container of weed.

Be Careful Of Mold

Your stash should moisten up quickly and is excellent for those who have a lot of weed that happened to dry out. Again, as with other methods, make sure to check on your weed periodically to make sure it's not getting too much moisture.

While these aren’t all the methods available to rehydrate your weed, they are undoubtedly some of the best. Your dried-out cannabis can come back to life. The biggest thing you want to watch is the mold factor. When you’re rehydrating your weed with any method, make sure to check on it periodically so you don’t end up ruining your stash.

There are literally dozens of ways to get rid of dry buds and rehydrate your weed. Some people swear by a couple of wet cotton balls, while others stay true to the orange peel method. It’s all about finding what works best for you. Everyone has a method they prefer. Some people, for example, steer clear of orange peels because they don’t want their bud to pick up a citrusy scent or flavor. Others love this aspect of using citrus fruit for rehydrating weed.

You can use any of the above methods to successfully rehydrate your weed. Just remember not to add too much moisture.

Do you have a preferred method of bringing your dried-out stash back to life? We’d love to hear about how you rehydrate your weed in the comments below.