In 2014, Oregon voters passed Measure 91, resulting in the legalization of recreational marijuana, and, according to Priceonomics, Oregon is the place to be if you want to score cheap, legal weed.  Oregon has the cheapest average price for an ounce at $214.  California and Michigan are on the other end of the spectrum with the average prices of $299 and $301 per ounce, respectively. Several factors determine the price of recreational marijuana in Oregon.  First, Oregon imposes a 17 percent state tax on cannabis in addition to up to three percent in local taxes.  That tax rate is built into the total cost customers will pay for their products.  In addition to taxes, dispensary employees explain that the quality and type of marijuana as well as the amount dispensaries have to pay growers for the plant determine its cost, and that can depend on the method growers use to cultivate the plant.  Outdoor grows are typically cheaper because they avoid the cost of Portland, cannabis prices in Oregon electricity needed to power indoor grows. Despite being on the lower end of the price range, illegal marijuana is about 11 percent cheaper than marijuana purchased at a dispensary in Oregon.  Interestingly, because of the ample amount of growers in Medford, Oregon, buyers can save 73 percent by choosing street cannabis over legal weed in that city.  Dispensary owners argue that customers are paying for better quality, increased variety, and expansive education when they choose to go legal.  While the continued existence of a black market frustrates the legalization movement, the outlook is positive.  As the industry matures, more dispensaries open, and prices become more transparent, the legal market should evolve into a more competitive one, and, hopefully, eliminate the black market entirely.

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Oregon Cannabis Price Breakdown 

The following data was gathered using the price comparison tool on Wikileaf, a website and app that allows customers to search dispensaries and compare their prices in a given location based on the desired cannabis amount.  112 dispensaries across 21 cities were assessed for their price per gram of marijuana flower.  It is important to note that not all dispensaries listed their prices, so this calculation should be treated as a rough estimate. Based on the data collected from 112 dispensaries across 21 cities, the average price per gram of recreational marijuana in Oregon is $9.61.  43 dispensaries were listed in Portland, with an average price of $9.09 per gram. In Salem, the average price of $13.75 was calculated based on the 4 dispensaries listed. From the 12 listed dispensaries in Eugene, the average price per gram calculated was $9.42. The 2 dispensaries listed in Gresham averaged to $8 per gram. 5 dispensaries were listed in Beaverton, selling cannabis at an average price of $10.60 per gram. In Bend, the average price of $9.20 per gram was calculated based on the 10 listed dispensaries. From the 5 dispensaries listed in Corvallis, the average of $7.00 per gram was calculated. The 4 dispensaries in Tigard averaged to $8.00 per gram. 3 dispensaries wereMoney_Collage listed in Lake Oswego with an average of $12.33 per gram. In Oregon City, the average price of $10 per gram was calculated based on the 1 listed dispensary. From the 2 dispensaries listed in West Linn, the average price of $15 per gram was calculated. The 3 dispensaries in Ashland averaged to $8.00 per gram. In Milwaukie, the average price of $12.13 was calculated based on the 8 listed dispensaries.

Troutdale only listed 1 dispensary selling a gram of marijuana for $5.00

The Dalles also listed a single dispensary selling a gram for $9.00. Lincoln City listed one dispensary advertising the price of $8.00 per gram. The 3 dispensaries in Clackamas averaged to $14.00 per gram. Tillamook listed one dispensary selling a gram for $6.00. Veneta listed one dispensary selling a gram for only $4.00. Wood Village listed a single dispensary advertising the sale of a gram for $5.00 Port Orford listed one dispensary selling a gram for $12.00.

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The data shows that there is no clear pattern to the prices dispensaries are selling their marijuana for.  While you might expect the only dispensary in an entire city to sell its marijuana at a higher price, some of the lowest prices were listed at such access points.

While you might expect the more heavily populated cities with much more dispensaries to be the cheapest, that isn’t necessarily so

For example, Portland listed the most dispensaries, and, while they had relatively cheap prices, none of the dispensaries had prices as low as the $4.00 advertised by the single dispensary in Veneta. What these averages cannot show are the price anomalies.  Some dispensaries listed prices as high as (and sometimes higher than) $20 for a single gram.  These unpredictable prices highlight the need for a tool like Wikileaf.  Before heading to a dispensary, check out their prices and menus online to make sure that you’re getting the best deal.

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