Just because there’s more widespread cannabis legalization doesn’t necessarily mean there are more places to legally consume it. For example, across the nation, it is illegal to consume or even bring cannabis on to Federal lands. This includes national parks, monuments, and forests, recreation areas, as well as 245 million acres managed by the Bureau of Land Management, accounting for 1/10 of America’s land mass.  Of the legal states, New York has some of the most permissive consumption laws, which essentially follow cigarette and vaping rules. These regulations forbid smoking in any establishment or public space that is subject to New York’s clean air laws, leaving few, if any, indoor options. Even in Colorado, marijuana’s elder statesman, there are only three fully licensed and 21+ consumption sites. Most states are in some similar early stage of allowing consumption lounges, or are without lounges entirely.  For many consumers, part of the cannabis experience is to enjoy it with others — just like you can with a beer or cocktail. Unless and until there are more legal spots for people to smoke together, creative minds are stepping in and starting private cannabis clubs, personal cannabis groups, painting and smoking cannabis classes, and even churches where people can consume with other like-minded folks. Here’s a sampling of what’s out there.

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Private Cannabis Clubs

Private cannabis clubs can take a lot of different shapes — especially if you think of them less like a dance club or bar, for example, and more like a private space where owners charge a fee for adults 21 and older to consume cannabis on the premises. 

Man smoking joint with hat on and colorful lights of blue and red outlining his face Private cannabis clubs or lounges may charge a fee or subscription. Photo credit: Shutterstock
If you’re into a bar-like vibe you could certainly find it, but there are a lot of other spaces out there like speakeasies, coffee shops, lounges, smoke shops, and more. For the most part, these are BYOC (bring your own cannabis) ventures, so be prepared by bringing your own product, and check ahead to see what kind of consumption they allow onsite. 

Cannabis and Yoga

Another place cannabis consumers seem to come together is around cannabis and yoga, an ancient body, breath, and practice that originated in Northern India. It’s believed that the Vedas (Hindu holy texts) placed cannabis among its five holy plants, and that cannabis lover Lord Shiva offered the herb to his followers. 

people doing yoga outside on yoga mats. Cannabis and yoga classes are very popular right now. Photo credit: Shutterstock
Some modern day yogis say that cannabis can help relax the airways to help breathe deeper, while some strains can provide a high that could put you in closer touch with both body and mind. There’s no shortage of opportunities for people who want to do a little stoned yoga, especially in wellness-minded towns like Los Angeles and Seattle. Do a little web searching on yoga and weed in your area and you’re likely to find something near you. 

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Cannabis Social and Networking Groups

In New York City, an organization called High NY is dedicated to cannabis networking, information sharing and events for cannabis consumers and business folks. There are more than a dozen business, entrepreneur, social, and networking groups in Los Angeles, and in the Windy City, a business-heavy offering of networking and workshops.

overhead view of business dressed people socializing There are plenty of cannabis networking events to strengthen your connections within the industry. Photo credit: Shutterstock
While consumption may not be the raison d’etre of these groups, when cannabis folks get together, expect some impromptu smoking sessions. 

Puff, Pass, and Paint

For many folks, cannabis and creativity go hand-in-hand, and you see this in the popularity of Puff, Pass, and Paint classes all over the country. Just check out the official website, with classes listed in Denver, Brooklyn, Orlando, St. Louis, and Washington D.C. 

two rows of women on either side of a table, each with painting supplies and a painted canvas in front of them Cannabis is a great way to boost your creativity. Photo credit: Shutterstock
Smoking, eating, and otherwise ingesting cannabis is encouraged at these classes, though not required. For some folks, cannabis is an integral part of the creative process. For others, not so much. But you’re likely to have fun no matter how cannabis impacts your creativity. 

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Cooking with Cannabis

Cooking with cannabis is not only popular, but it’s an opportunity for people to gather around the kitchen table to enjoy infused meals and each other’s company. You could make an infused meal of your own, of course, but there are plenty of opportunities to take cannabis cooking lessons or attend dinners. 

multiple cooking pans on a stovetop with steam rising above them and hands stirring ingredients inside of the pans Take an infused cooking class with the best chefs in town. Photo credit: Shutterstock
The people at Puff, Pass, and Paint have partnered with Colorado Cannabis Tours to offer cooking classes. There’s a pretty bustling cooking and dining scene in Boston and loads of workshops from Portlandsterdam in Portland, Oregon. 

Cannabis Churches

Some people go to church to practice their faith. Others may take a more secular approach and think of church as a place to make friends and build community. Still others might go to church to consume weed. Take for example Denver’s International Church of Cannabis, where anyone 21 and older can sign-up and consume at Sunday service. 

Inside a church, with hands up in silhouette of purple and green lights These churches host cannabis friendly Sunday mornings. Photo credit: Shutterstock
Cannabis churches are harder to find than a cannabis-driven yoga class, but there are some around, including the First Church of Cannabis in Indiana, the Jah Healing Kemetic Temple of the Divine, and Sacramental Life Church of Redondo Beach, both in California. 

Wrap Up

While cannabis continues to legalize bit by bit across the country, the laws that allow people to gather and safely consume (with a safe and tested product) still lag far behind. Nevertheless, people are gathering and consuming all the same, and private cannabis clubs and groups are a good way to meet like-minded people, get creative, connect with body and mind, or just have a good time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cannabis Good for Yoga?

For some consumers and yogis, cannabis may enhance the yogic experience. 

Is Yoga While High Good?

That very much depends on you. Your experience with cannabis is very much your own, and what works great for your friend might not work so well for you. The only way to know is to give it a try. 

Where Can You Find Cannabis Painting Classes?

Puff, Pass, and Paint is a good place to get started, but you should definitely search your locality as well.

How Can You Start a Cannabis Hobby Club?

Meet-Up is a great place to get started. You could also consider social media like Facebook or other platforms as a good place to find others that share your interests.