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If you're interested in podcasts you should try listening to some of these

Podcasts, which operate using fairly basic technology, have been around in their current recognizable form since the early 2000s. It wasn’t until release of NPR’s huge popular true-crime installment Serial, though, that podcasts took off and multiplied. They now cover an endless array of topics, and can attract surprisingly high-profile talent.

The following are podcasts, both specifically cannabis-related and of interest to the cannabis enthusiast, that will assuredly enhance your stoned leisure time.


Business-minded stoners — or those just looking to edify themselves — will find a great resource in CannaInsider. Hosted by writer Matthew Kind, the show tackles dominant trends in the growing cannabis industry. Through interviewsMarijuana Starts with entrepreneurs, chemists, and growers, you can track the complicated legal mechanisms that govern the weed business, and even glean some tips on how and where to invest. As close a resource as we have to the Wall Street Journal’s Moneybeat, CannaInsider makes for the perfect half-hour briefing in between tokes.

Getting Doug With High

Comedian Doug Benson has founded an entire career on his love for cannabis.

His podcast Getting Doug With High provides the perfect vehicle for Benson to blaze and chew the fat with fellow stoner comedians like Jack Black, Sarah Silverman, and the cast of Workaholics

The conversation flows between weed paraphernalia, favorite strains, and larger career ambitions, and, depending on Benson’s guests, is usually plenty enjoyable even if you’re not high. Benson’s live episodes, recorded in front of a live audience in Los Angeles, are a highlight of the franchise.

The Cannabis Agenda

Most of the country has radio shock jock talk shows to wake up with; stoners have The Cannabis Agenda. With each episode clocking in with at least an hour of content, the show is a well-informed and in-depth discussion of newsworthy cannabis topics. Hosts Jay Cas and “Pot Green” broadcast out of cannabis mainstay Humboldt County, CA and update weekly; they’re also especially interactive with their audience, and gladly accept story suggestions, questions, or general feedback through their website.

The Grow Show With Kyle Kushman

Kyle Kushman is a legendary figure in the world of cannabis cultivation — he spent a significant perfecting growth and crossbreeding in Amsterdam and has contributed to cannabis culture in the U.S. with popular strains like Strawberry CougSmoking a jointh and Ghost Train Haze.
Kushman now hosts the cultivation-focused Grow Show with Kyle Kushman. The podcast features conversations with leaders in the emerging cannabis industry on topics like best growing practices, policy, and trends in culture and consumption. Kushman’s 30 years of expertise bring a degree of professionalism to the show that sets it apart from the droves of D.I.Y. amateur weed podcasts that have sprung up in recent years.


Horror movies are one way to enhance the cerebral nature of your high, but non-fiction thrills can bring a whole new degree of intensity to your buzz. Lore is a biweekly podcast that’s been running for about a year and documenting true crime, mystery, and legendary accounts that expose some of the more disturbing aspects of human nature. Episodes track topics like the anthropological phenomena of

Mass hysteria and premature burial, as well as specific historical incidents like the bloody Scottish witch trials of 1597

Written and recorded by novelist Aaron Mahnke, Lore has creepy production touches like an eerie soundtrack and some unnerving narration, which ratchet up the tension, especially if you’re high. Lore is currently being adapted for television by the producers of The Walking Dead, adding an undoubtedly creepy visual component to the already spooky subject matter.  

Entheogenic Evolution

A podcast for the more spiritually-inclined stoner, Entheogenic Evolution explores the philosophical and mystical implications of psychedelic drugs and experiences. An entheogen — derived from Greek terms meaning ‘to generate the divine within’ —

Is a substance that significantly alters the user’s consciousness

Entheogenic Evolution host Martin Ball holds a PhD from UC Santa Barbara in religious studies; he devotes each episode to discussion of the roles that psychedelics play in human society and history, including scientific advances in understanding how drugs can alter brain chemistry for the better.

How Did This Get Made

What’s more fun than getting high and watching a terrible movie? How Did This Get Made iidiocracy movie posters the bad movie brainchild of The League stars Paul Scheer and Jason Mantzoukas and Burning Love star June Diane Raphael. In each hour-long episode, the hosts pick apart the finer (and dumber) points of a hand-picked movie.Whether they’re discussing the laughable acting, terrible dialogue, or rock-bottom production values, the trio are experts at riffing on artistic mediocrity. At the end of each episode, they indicate their newest choice of film, inviting their rabid audience to watch along in preparation for the next show. Entertaining in and of itself and an excellent resource for crappy movies when you need a laugh, HDTGM is stoner gold.

Comedy Bang Bang

Like a bizarro David Letterman, comedian Scott Aukerman has created a hazy, psychedelic talk show with Comedy Bang Bang. Although it first aired as a radio show in 2009, Bang Bang has been featured as a podcast on the Earwolf network since 2010.

Aukerman leads comedy guests like Amy Poehler, John Hamm, and Michael Cera in both serious conversations and trippy improv games that usually descend into hysterical giggling

Although weed is only occasionally a topic for comedic fodder, the absurd, non-sequitur humor earns this podcast immediate stoner cred; it provides a great soundtrack for a commute or a lazy afternoon of errands.


Ever smoked a strong sativa like Sour Diesel and found yourself wondering about the fundamental weirdness of language? A podcast for the more cerebral stoner, Invisibilia is an NPR show that explores “the invisible forces that control human behavior.” The show’s hosts explore complicated sociological topics like personality, fear, and categorical thinking — but their discussions and real-life examples are incredibly accessible. An excellent blend of scientific research and everyday common sense, Invisibilia will give you plenty to think about when you’re high — their episode on technology’s possible influence on human evolution is especially thought-provoking.

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