You can ask for the recipe, but bakers only trade recipes on a knead to know basis. Okay, that was horrible. But seriously, with pot bakeries popping up all over the United States in the wake of major changes in state laws concerning marijuana, how do you know what to pick? Edibles make up an estimated 40-60% of sales in the cannabis industry with products ranging from  simply sweet brownies to decadent, savory foie gras pate. No matter your flavor, bakeries have the leg up when it comes to the edibles business- they just keep making lots of dough. (Okay, I promise- no more puns….or just one more….or a baker’s dozen! LOL!) Seriously though, when it comes to baking to get baked, you can’t go wrong with these enticing treats made by some of the best bakeries around!

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Brownies- An Oldie But a Goodie

Sweet Leaf Bakery in Denver, Colorado offers a moist,  delicious brownie bite without the funky, grassy taste. By using traditional cannabutter, bakeries, cannabis bakeries homemade in-house via a “slow simmered, triple strained, full flower” process, Sweet Leaf preserves a consistent and delectable product that’s well known for its fresh, deep chocolate flavor.  These irresistible treats contain three ten milligram THC servings and due to the carefully monitored in-house cultivation, you can expect a “consistent and reliable crop to table delivery.”  As a bakery that has grown since it’s inception in 2009 to not only distribute throughout Colorado, but also act as a consulting service for other marijuana edible bakeries, Sweet Grass has become synonymous with quality!

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies- Not Quite Like Grandma Used to Make

We don’t usually associate vegan and gluten free with delectable baked goodies, but Dr. Robert’s Bakery really flips the script on that one. Their Blazin’ Oatmeal Raisin Cookie is made of oats, gluten free flour, sugar, brown sugar, vanilla, raisins, baking soda, salt, cinnamon, applesauce, organic coconut canna oil, and a heavy dose of YUMMY! Dr. Robert’s has been in business since 2012 and is known for it’s "potent and gourmet tasting, cannabis infused edibles.”

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In fact, these delightful cinnamon laced treats boast 200 milligrams of THC per cookie!

Robert is a former gourmet chef with over 30 years of experience and his recipes are the result of using cannabutter to treat his own pain and sleep issues. This mixture of culinary expertise and personal experience is obviously a recipe for success!

Macaroons- Girls Scouts Have Some Competition

cannabis bakeriesBliss Edibles of San Francisco, CA is an award winning bakery that has been in business since 2009. This is another deceptively healthy, vegan, gluten free goodie just busy defying stereotypes. With the sweet touch of agave and textured, decadent coconut, these are a guaranteed tummy pleaser. The owner of Bliss Edibles, Deidra Bagdasarian aka “Miss Bliss,” is a long time marijuana advocate who even lends her baking skills to teach cannabis cooking courses at Oaksterdam University!

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I Love You Cherry Much- A Once In a Lifetime Kind of Love

Few things go together like cherries, almonds, and vanilla and Sweet Mary Jane Bakery has that combo down to an art with their “I Love You Cherry Much” cookies! These little pieces of heaven come ten to a pack with a ten milligram serving of THC in each cookie.  Sweet Mary Jane was started by Karin Lazarus with the prize money she one in the TuttiFoodie- Scharffen Berger Chocolate Adventure Contest in 2009. This award winning chef uses whole, fresh ingredients to take your edibles adventure to the next level. Lazarus summed up her newfound career beautifully:

“My passion for cooking using the healing properties of cannabis has been an exciting experience. I feel very lucky to have been able to channel what I love into a career.”

Fruity Cereal Bar- This Is Not Your Mother's Rice Krispy Treat

Green Ticket Bakery of San Francisco is known for it’s all natural, holistic approach to edibles. Their FrBaked good, weed bakeriesuity Cereal Bar is a perfect blend of fruity rice cereal, marshmallows, and cannabis hash. Each bar contains 162 milligrams of THC and you will always know the strain you’re buying because it’s listed right on the label. This sticky, fruity bar of delight contains no alcohol, butane, or cannabutter, a signature of Green TIcket Bakery, who has patented their own all-natural infusion process. Not a fruit fan? Don’t worry they offer regular rice cereal treats as well!

Red Velvet Cake Pop- Red Velvet If You Pleeeaaaassseeee

I have four words for you- Cream cheese cannabis buttercream! Miss Mary Jane’s Edibles has taken moist, decadent red velvet cannabis cake, combined it with luscious cream cheese cannabis buttercream, coated it all in smooth, sweet white chocolate, and served it on a stick! Because we all love food on a stick.

While Miss Mary Jane has been baking her entire life, it wasn’t until she encountered the realities of PTSD and cancer in her own family that she found her calling

Miss Mary Jane’s Edibles has been on the market since January 2015 and their commitment to fresh, consistent edibles has garnered them quite the reputation. But seriously, they had me at cream cheese! With so many delicious options, it’s obvious the edibles bakery business is definitely not much a-dough about muffin. (Come on, you knew it was coming!)  Quality, delicious goods are the result of a commitment to great ingredients, consistent THC content, regular monitoring and testing for quality control, and a love for what you’re creating. These bakeries have all the right tools- in spades! (Not a bakery pun, but still….hehehe). As the industry grows, you’ll probably see more and more bakeries popping up. So, don’t be afraid to grab a fork and explore a little. Branch out and try a new flavor!  After all, the gingerbread man thought he couldn't be caught, until he met his baker. (And I’m out! Try the shrimp. Tip Your waitress!)