Nothing Goes Together Quite Like Music And Marijuana

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Last year, a high-end marijuana shop opened up on Bainbridge Island, across the water from Seattle. A swank shop run by musician Brendan Hill, of Blues Traveller fame, the store focuses on a welcoming vibe that aims to educate. They even run monthly education seminars for anyone that has questions.

The scene for Paper & Leaf is on a gorgeous island visible from Seattle, but just a ferry ride away. When Washington state voted for legalization the island turned out to have the highest “yes” ratio at 70%.

“We realized that if we did the store in the style of the island—it’s a very arty community—that we could win over the community,”

We even like Brendan Hill’s reasoning for opening up a shop that focuses on cannabis.

“When you’re playing live and being creative on a daily basis, I think cannabis helps you get to that flow moment without much effort,”

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