Montel Williams Launches Medical Marijuana Company

Montel Williams launches medical marijuana company

The new company will be called LenitivLabs, and will focus on high-quality medical marijuana products. Montel Williams, a decorated former Naval Officer, and a former television host, is a long-time advocate for the use of medical marijuana. In 1999 he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and has used marijuana to manage his chronic pain.

“With the issue of full legalization dominating the conversation, it’s critical not to forget patients who have specific needs with respect to cannabis, including strains that might be less profitable in the marketplace.”

The new company will have quite the cast on its advisory board:

Lenitiv Scientific has assembled a world class advisory board including Former Director, Central Intelligence, Ambassador R. James Woolsey, Retired Vice Admiral Edward M. Straw, former Congressman Wilbert Tauzin, former owner of General Drug, Basil Falcone, Lindy Snider and Nancye Miller-Woolsey.

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