Military Veterans Embrace Marijuana To Combat PTSD

Marijuana smoking veteran US Army veteran Jose Martinez smokes medical marijuana at his home in Apple Valley, California, United States.

Dealing with physical pain and the absence of limbs can take its toll. For one army veteran, Jose Martinez, the toll was the need for a significant amount of pain killers.

The pills took a toll on him as the veteran consumed up to 150 pills per day. “I really had to double check whether he really meant how many pills he took in one day because I did not believe a human could handle that much,” Gardi says. “We’re talking about pills that would easily kill most of us in that dosage and he just basically built up tolerance.”

Getting off the meds, and onto medical cannabis, helped Martinez begin to cope with PTSD.

“I have a hard time understanding why medical marijuana is still not prescribed to veterans where I basically spent the day with living proof of how successful that could be,” he adds.

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