Microdosing Is All The Rage. Now Try Microdosing Dabs!

Microdosing dabs is extremely beneficial

Over the last couple years, microdosing has become one of the hottest trends to hit the cannabis scene. Countless people across the country are finding that taking small, consistent doses of cannabis is an awesome way to get high without getting too high.

Something else popular in weed right now? Concentrates. Doing dabs is in.

What happens when you combine microdosing with dabs? Welcome to the new world of weed, baby. See how a little bit can go a long way.

What is Microdosing?

MicrodosingAs its name would serve, microdosing is taking small, consistent doses of cannabis throughout the day. Microdosing cannabis evolved from the psychedelic microdosing trend touted by pioneers like Albert Hoffman, the scientist who first synthesized LSD.

Microdosing consists of taking such small doses of cannabis that they’re barely detectable, yet you still know that the marijuana is working its magic. It’s a subtle change, one that shifts the mind and body but doesn’t make a person blasted.

Microdosing cannabis has caught on quickly in countless weed scenes across the country. Dabs aren’t much different. Cannabis concentrates have been around well over a decade, but their popularity has soared over the past few years.

Dabs are more potent than cannabis flowerCannabis concentrates (aka dabs) are way more potent than flower. Where your bud might contain between 12-25% THC, dabs contain like 50-80%. Smoking dabs is one of the best ways to get really, really high…which is typically the intention of the cannabis consumer.

While microdosing dabs might seem like an oxymoron, there’s tremendous benefit to be found in a microdab (patent pending.)

What’s Great About Microdosing Dabs

“A little dab’ll do ya” is a great phrase to keep in mind when you think about microdosing dabs. Dabs are potent and the most powerful way to consume cannabis concentrates. It’s not just the potency of dabs that makes them so appealing. Dabs are also extremely pure, offering a clean, tasty hit every single time.

While dabs have the potential to get you baked like you’ve probably never been, you don’t have to get out of your mind to enjoy the effects of dabbing. Microdosing dabs is an excellent option for medical patients looking for immediate relief. Whether experiencing extreme pain, bouts of nausea after chemotherapy, or loss of appetite from surgery or an underlying medical condition, microdosing a dab can offer almost instant relief.

Microdabbing is also an excellent introduction to the world of dabbing. Dabs can be intimidating.Being too high isn't fun We get it. Being “too-high” is never a comfortable feeling, and dabs definitely have the capability to put you in that frame of mind.

Microdosing dabs is different. Yes, you’re still smoking super-concentrated cannabis, but you’re only taking tiny hits. And as we all know, less is often more. Microdosing dabs lets you experience the super fresh, clean cannabis experience dabbing offers…without getting out-of-this-world high.

How to Microdose Dabs

When you start out microdosing dabs, you’re going to want to start with something so small you doubt it will even work. It will. And starting out with the smallest possible amount allows you to better find that “sweet spot” where you know its working, but you’re not high af. You can always add more to your dose if you need to, but you can’t really take it away if you dab too much.

Think of it like this. That little piece of wax or shatter has more THC in it than four times that amount of flower. It might not look like a lot, but it has the potential to get you really, really baked. Think like more baked than you might ever care to be.

Start out with what looks like a speck, without second-guessing if you’re not taking enough. As you inhale the vapor, notice how different the flavor is than smoking flower. How smooth and clean the hit is. How much easier it is on your lungs. Exhale. And then wait.

Before you decide on taking your next microdab, give yourself at least five minutes to feel how it affects you. If you wait for a few, you might notice this is all you need. That you’re feeling it, but not exactly blazed out of your mind.

The trick is to find your sweet spot by taking tiny, micro hits at a time. If don’t feel anything after the first speck you dab, try dabbing another minuscule amount of the concentrate you’re using. Wait another five minutes. By the second hit, you’re likely to feel something. And this is exactly where you want to stay. Feeling it, but not “over” feeling it.

The Benefits of Microdosing Dabs

The awesome thing about microdosing dabs, is you don’t need much. Not only are dabs already super concentrated, but the whole point of microdosing is to take the smallest amount possible until you feel a slight shift in perception and the way your body feels, not to get stoned out of your mind. It’s to subtlety feel the effects of highly-concentrated cannabis whether using it for medicinal or recreational reasons.

Dabs are typically thought of as a way to get ridiculously high, but they don’t have to be. Microdosing dabs allows you to experience the benefits of concentrates without getting so high you can’t function.

And speaking of the high. It’s one of the cleanest you’ll experience. If you're used to smoking flower, dabs are goin to be a clean surpriseIf you’re accustomed to smoking flower, microdosing dabs is going to take your smoking experience to an entirely new level. Taking micro hits of flower and cannabis concentrates has become extremely popular for a reason. It’s an amazing way to get the effects of cannabis without becoming completely inebriated.

Once you find that sweet spot, you’ll see why microdosing dabs is pretty much one of the most amazing ways to get your morning, mid-day, or nighttime high on. Don’t forget to start small and work your way up until you feel that microdose magic. 

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