Method Man Launches Cannabis Brand to Support Black Business

Movin' from shaolin to sativa.

Source: @methodmanofficial /Instagram

Wu-Tang Clan rapper, actor, and producer Method Man has recently launched his own cannabis business. 

The new socially conscious cannabis brand is called TICAL, which stands for Taking Into Consideration All Lives, not coincidentally, the same name as Method Man’s debut solo track, back in 1994.

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What was once a one-off catchphrase on an album has now become a reality. 

The TICAL brand will be available exclusively in black and minority-owned dispensaries and cannabis-related businesses. 

A major part of the core mission at TICAL is to support small businesses owned by black entrepreneurs and other people of color.

Four black-owned dispensaries in the state of California have already been announced, including Blunts + Moore, Berner’s On Haight, Empire, and Litco. 

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Method Man, AKA Clifford Smith, recently made a statement, saying, “Personally, it is essential that we use our brand to help bring awareness to the social, systemic and economic injustice in communities that have struggled with oppressive mass incarceration and racially biased policing policies.”

A staunch activist for people of color, Method Man has been an outspoken supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Last week, TICAL Official (@ticalofficial) Tweeted:

According to the TICAL website, “TICAL was coined a cannabis term since 1993 and became a part of hip hop’s vernacular. TICAL has not only become tightly woven into the tapestry of both hip hop and cannabis culture alike, it has also reflected an entire movement, lifestyle, and swagger, emblematic of the man who created it. As Method Man would say, “Roll it, light it, smoke it.”

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The TICAL Official Twitter page (@ticalofficial) reads, “Cannabis by @methodman Coming Soon!”

The first three strains to come out are reportedly being grown in partnership with Clone Guy Industries; this includes “Cake,” “Gelato,” and “Crusher.” 

The new marijuana venture has already raised over $300,000 with New York investment firm JLS Fund, with a plan to eventually raise at least $3 million in total. Method Man reportedly owns at least 20% stake in the company.

Method Man now officially joins the ranks of other celebrity rappers who have come out with their own exclusive high-grade marijuana brands in recent years; the list includes Snoop Dogg, Redman, Whiz Kalifa, B-Real, Berner, Kurupt, Xzibit, The Game, 2 Chainz, Jim Jones, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and Drake.  

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The official TICAL products are not yet available in stores, but you can preorder TICAL Athletics merchandise here. Plus, if you want to keep tabs on when TICAL does hit the ground, you can sign up to join the TICAL email list here

What’s that shit that they be smoking? Tical, tical tical.

Pass it over here, tical, tical, tical.

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