Marijuana retreats are all the rage (and the blaze) amid vacation goers and those who merely want to get away from the hustle and bustle and everyday life. Filled with peace and pipes, calmness and cannabis, and probably an asana or two, these retreats are a favorite among female imbibers.

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A few of them are exclusively for women – x chromosomes only

Others aren’t overtly female but sometimes marketed that way. Regardless of the gender limitations, retreats (cannabis and otherwise) often seem more popular among women: we’re painted as more social, more communal, and more willing to get in touch with our feelings during share circles and happy hours. Besides, according to the movies, men only have one kind of retreat: retreating into their studies to drink Brandy in smoking jackets, while puffing on cigars and discussing the stock market. Whether you find retreats a real treat or something you only partook in because you accidentally purchased a Groupon, adding cannabis makes things a little more enticing. So, if you’re a first-timer looking for a ganja getaway, keep some of the following in mind. If you’re such a frequent patron they’re about to name a strain after you, leave a note in the comments section about your favorite experience:

Green Retreats

Twisted Sister Twisted Sister is a yoga studio in Colorado that recently began offering cannabis friendly yoga retreats. Marketed exclusively for women, these adventures include yoga, meditation, female empowered workshops, cannabis cooking classes, hiking, and a visit to a nearby dispensary. Ganja Yoga Located in the Bay area, Ganja Yoga is exac3 women doing yoga on the beach, yoga retreat tly as it sounds: a weed-friendly yoga class. It offers weeklong yoga retreats as well. They take place an hour outside the studio in the wilderness of Inverness, California. Just for the girls, these vacations include organic meals, cottages, yoga, and, of course, a whole lot of pot. Move over Rice-A-Roni, weed’s the new San Francisco treat. 420 Yoga Retreats A mix of yoga, movement, massage, marijuana, and meditation, the 420 Yoga Retreats happen in the beautiful Rocky Mountains (they’ll be even prettier once you arrive!). They’re led by a man (and open to men), and focus on healthy eating, healing, art, restorative yoga, shiatsu, as well as a variety of other like activities. Portland  Portland might not be much of a retreat to Oregonians, but for those of us who don’t live there, it’s a nice getaway.

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Thanks to recent legislation, it’s also pot-friendly

There’s a few different lodging options for anyone staying in or near the city. One is the 1431 NW 53rd B&B; it’s five minutes from Portland, but on the edge of Forest Park. That’s one of the benefits of Oregon; there’s a forest on every corner. Sacred Marijuana and Meditation Retreat A private retreat on 25 acres in Oregon, it’s main concerns are in its name: marijuana and meditation.

Though it’s based in wine country, it puts a cork in cabernet and lights up the cannabis

The first retreat happened in October of this year. Participants were invited to explore the various marijuana traditions and how they relate to mindfulness. The exact location of this retreat is kept under wraps, given cannabis’s controversial but evolving nature. Camp Bud and Breakfast Camp Bud and Breakfast is situated on the 414-acre Aspen Canyon Ranch in Parshall, ColMature woman holding pottery, craft retreat orado, a mountainous area known for fishing and cattle ranching (and, soon, pot vacations). The facilities are open from March through September and include a stay inside a rustic cabin, outdoor activities, arts and wellness classes, workshops, and lots of food (which, clearly, you’re going to need). Travel THC Travel THC isn’t one retreat, but many. A website dedicated to pairing potheads with property, it lists marijuana friendly rental lodgings. The site features places in cities (like Denver), in ski towns (like Breckinridge), and in some of the most beautiful towns in America (here’s looking at you, Ouray). It offers housing in Washington, Colorado, Alaska, and Oregon. But, with more recent news of states passing legalization, it’s likely they’ll expand. Rasta Vacations Rasta Vacations are more bake-cations than run-of-the-mill getaways. They take travelers to places that embrace marijuana and guide them on museum tours, hiking excursions, sightseeing adventures, and dinners at all the best restaurants. They also offer private weed tasting, tours of local dispensaries, and a dispensary crawl. It’s like a bar crawl but with less puking in the back alley and no hangover the next morning. Everywhere in Uruguay Uruguay became the first country in the world to legalize recreational marijuana back in December of 2013, making it enticing for the weed lover as a place to visit.  In the words of Liz Lemon, “I want to go there.” However, Uruguay’s ascent into nationwide legalization wasn’t as smooth as people had hoped and they continue to work through the intricacies. Adding to this is the fact that weed is only available to Uruguayan nationals and legal residents.Uruguay marijuana plant But, there’s allegedly ways around this to the creative…or those who have Google. No matter the destination, pot makes a vacation more enjoyable than it otherwise would be. This isn’t to say you should smoke up before visiting Disney World (Space Mountain is scary enough without THC running through your system).  But if you’re looking to recharge, reset, and resonate with Mary Jane and the earth around you, consider a cannabis retreat. Pack a bag (one of clothes and one of potato chips) and off you go.

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