9 Useful Marijuana Products Made Just for Women

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dThe weed industry has always been female friendly. Known for its inclusiveness, it’s more likely to feature women in positions of power than most other industries. It’s full of pioneers, innovators, and business owners who rock the weed and heels too. But, this progress doesn’t merely translate to cubicles, careers, and 401Ks; it also involves product line.

In fact, marijuana products made especially for the girls have been in development for quite some time, perhaps dating back to the days of Adam and Summer’s Eve. But the industry has recently upped its game dramatically. From tampons to face creams, from lotions to yoga, cannabis recites an ode to the ovary and offers us the following:

Marijuana tampons

The lyrics sung by Hellen Reddy – “I am women, hear me roar” – are no more accurate than during menstruation: cramps hurt. But marijuana tampons might help. Foria Marijuana Tampons Though technically not tampons (they’re suppositories used with tampons), the Foria Relief product is designed to decrease monthly discomfort. The line is made of three things: cocoa butter, THC oil, and CBD. The ingredients activate cannabinoid receptors in the pelvic region when placed in the body, ultimately reducing cramping and telling period pain to shove it.

Women with certain conditions, namely Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and endometriosis, might benefit the most as traditional remedies don’t always help (we’re looking at you, Midol).

Still, it’ll be a while before these are available at Walgreens. Presently, you can only purchase them in Colorado or California and they retail for around forty dollars a box.

 Hand lotion

There’s lots of hemp and cannabis lotions on the market – they tout anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits (plus other perks). Hand lotion, in particular, is a sought-after item because of the hand’s tendency to dry, chap, and wrinkle.

Cannabis lotion might not prevent all this, but it’ll at least help keep your hands soft and younger looking.

Then maybe your career as a hand model will take off….at last!

Cannabis yoga retreats

Twisted Sister, a yoga studio in Colorado, is a trailblazer behind the idea of combining yoga retreats and cannabis: Woman practicing yoga poses a little downward Snoop Dogg anyone? The women’s only retreat takes place in the mountains (naturally) and involves yoga, meditation, hiking, a cannabis cooking class, and a visit to a dispensary.

Reefer retreats might be new, but Asana has been combined with ganja for a while. The trend’s popped up in a variety of places across the country, namely in states where recreational weed is legal.

Cannabis shaving soap

Guys might purchase this as well – those who shave their faces or pretend to shave their backs – but it’s marketed mainly for legs. It allows for a close cut while protecting tissue from razor burn. It won’t dry out the skin either, the way regular soap tends to do.

Cannabis face cream

Legend has it that in 1513, Juan Ponce de Leon went searching for the Fountain of Youth, a search that proved futile. Reality has it that most of us continue looking, a search that proves hopeful.

Cosmetics are a billion-dollar industry and cannabis cream is the newest go-to.

The creams don’t only help reduce inflammation, but they also increase lipid production, soften the skin under the eyes, and offer relief from irritation. They even help eliminate pimples and prevent new outbreaks of acne, which somehow is still happening as we’re nearing forty.

 Treat Yourself Cherry Pop Tart

marijuana pop-tartWheaties has got nothing on this real breakfast of champions. This pop tart is made for women, by women. It’s designed to ease menstrual cramps, with 50 milligrams of CBD and another 20 of THC. For anyone on restricted diets, it’s one hundred percent vegan (which I would be too, if I didn’t believe so, so, so much in cheese).

Mary Jane’s Medicinal Salve

This product is designed for both men and women, but women are the more likely consumers. It provides younger looking skin and helps heal scarring and burns, something wonderful for those who’ve gone through radiation for breast and other types of cancer. It soothes skin marred by other irritants as well – scrapes or scratches or insect bites.

Cibaderm Hemp Clean Shampoo

Free of sulfates and other harsh chemicals, this hemp shampoo is designed specifically to bring out the luminosity in hair.

It’s high in CBD, which allows hair to retain moisture, and works in all types of tresses.

Natural, color-treated, curly or straight. It’s not female exclusive – as it’s also beneficial to male hair – and head and shoulders above your typical cleanser.

Whoopi and Maya

Whoopi Goldberg (yes, the actress) and Maya Elisabeth (famous in her own right in the world of marijuana edibles) announced back in March the formation of their medWhoopi Goldberg ical cannabis company: Whoopi and Maya. It offers cannabis salves, balms, and edibles at affordable prices. Each of these products are designed to relieve the monthly pain and discomfort that comes with stupid, stupid menses. Goldberg came up with the idea after years of suffering from her own painful cramps and never finding anything that truly helped. Anything, that is, except marijuana.

As time goes on, the industry will likely see more and more cannabis products focused on women. Many of these will likely hone in on reproductive health, which is welcome news to anyone who’s ever had to stop themselves from flipping off a box of Always.

We’ll take what we can get, although most of us would rather simply transfer our periods over to the guys in our lives: it’s called menstruation for a reason.


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