How Do Marijuana Detox Drinks Work? Are They Effective?

If You Have A Drug Test Coming Up, Detox Drinks Might Be Able To Help You.

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Detox drinks are typically marketed to remove toxins from the body, rest the digestive system, and increase energy levels. Marijuana detox drinks exist to help “flush” marijuana out of the system, typically for the purpose of passing a drug test. Regular consumers can expect to need between 7 and 21 days clean, with 30 days considered safe, to no longer test positive for cannabis. If you’ve got a drug test coming up or another reason to need to flush out the cannabis, pairing a detox drink with some good old abstinence can get you there faster.

How Do Detox Drinks Work?

Different detox drinks are packed with varying ingredients, but the gist of the drink’s job is to push out marijuana metabolites from the body, thus raising the user’s chance of passing a drug test. The ultimate goal of many detox drinks is to dilute the urine until it no longer shows positive for cannabis, while not setting off the drug testing facility’s alarm bells for diluted urine.

At this point, you’re either stoked about the idea or rolling your eyes. The effectiveness of the cleanse depends on many factors, and you need to be realistic about the process. If you have been a daily user for years, you are probably not going to pass a drug test by taking a day off from the herb and sipping on a detox drink. However, you might be able to speed up the process a bit by pairing nonconsumption with a marijuana detox.

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Popular Detox Drinks

There are plenty of marijuana detox drinks available, all with different proclaimed methods for clearing out your system. Some of the drinks are marketed as quick fixes to clear your system in just one or three short days. Depending on your usage, a few days of not smoking and detox has the potential to get you a passing test, but any heavy user trying this method is in for a disappointment.

There are high-rated detox drinks out there with decent success rates from users. Instead of just diluting or flushing a bunch of materials through the body, some work to hold the toxins in the body and prevent the burning of fat cells, which keeps the toxins from ever going into the bloodstream or reaching the urine altogether. There are also detox drinks to cleanse your whole system in a single day by repeatedly drinking the solution and urinating hours before you need to be clean.

Other detox drinks use ingredients known to help the body flush out toxins naturally over a specific time period. These assist natural processes in the body and just give an extra push with their detoxifying ingredients. Some claim to be strong enough on their own to pass a drug test, while others should be used in conjunction with other processes. It’s important to follow the instructions properly if you choose to go this route (or any detoxification route.) To prevent drug test results from showing too much dilution, some of these detox drinks are designed to keep your creatinine, pH and other levels at a normal amount.

The Verdict On Detox Drinks

If you are faced with an impending drug test, a detox drink could be part of a quick fix plan. Depending on how much time you have, using something to assist in detoxification can help speed up the process, or at least give you some peace of mind.

Detoxes are not widely accepted in medical practices and most research will yield results advising against the use of detox drinks. There is no scientific support to back up the claims, but that doesn’t stop people from producing, seeking out, and using marijuana detox drinks.

The time needed to clear the system of THC varies greatly based on the frequency of use, metabolism and other factors. If you have 30 days before a test, you can quit smoking and let your body sort itself out. Regular exercise, water, and a healthy diet can do wonders for cleansing your body naturally.

If you are in a time crunch, you can try out a detox to help speed up the process, or get you flushed out before a test. Be sure to read the instructions and do thorough research on the brand before use. User reviews are abundant on the internet, so take a look at how the method worked for other users and do not do anything so excessive you end up hurting yourself.

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