Wikileaf’s mission is to empower all cannabis consumers through education, value, and lifestyle. Our primary role in the cannabis space is to help patients and consumers locate safe and reliable cannabis products that are regulated, lab-tested, and conform to standards established by local government for the safety of its consumers. In order to best serve and support this business model, we have moved towards new verification requirements. All incoming dispensary sign up inquiries must submit their state or provincial license number, proving they are a licensed storefront retailer or non-storefront retailer. We take the safety and well-being of our consumers seriously and feel this will allow us to better direct all cannabis consumers to more reliable cannabis products and businesses. Upon making this change, we are also working to remove any dispensary or delivery services not listed on the corresponding state or province license retailer lists which prove they are operating legally within their local government. Again, this will allow us to direct all cannabis consumers to regulated, reliable products found at legal businesses. While we know this transition will be burdensome to unlicensed services, we feel this is a necessary progression to support our mission of becoming the most trusted voice in the cannabis space. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

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Already Have a License?

If you feel your service was removed unjustifiably, please reach out to our support team at With a state or provincial license number found on the corresponding state and provincially licensed retailer list, we would be happy to reactivate your listing on Wikileaf. We apologize for this inconvenience and look forward to becoming your preferred dispensary location platform! Retailer: (Storefront/Non-Storefront) A state or provincially licensed and registered retail business that provides cannabis acquired directly from a state-licensed and registered cannabis producer for sale to a customer or patient base. Licensed State Retailer List: A document or database typically found on a .gov website listing all legally licensed businesses registered to sell cannabis in their state or province.