California has paved the way for legal deliveries in the United States. While California is the first and only to completely legalize cannabis deliveries regardless of local laws prohibiting its use, it’s not alone in offering deliveries in some shape or form. You can continue to read this article to find out exactly what states have legal delivery, or go to Wikileaf to see if you have any weed delivery services in your area.

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Weed Delivery by State

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Delivery is legal everywhere, even in areas that have banned cannabis. Woohoo!

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For non-concentrated cannabis, retailers are allowed to sell a consumer up 28.5 grams. For concentrated cannabis, retailers are allowed to sell up to eight grams. For immature cannabis plants, the limit is six.

For medical marijuana purchases, retailers are not allowed to sell more than eight ounces of medicinal cannabis in the form of dried mature flowers (or the plant conversion as 12 immature cannabis plants). Upon delivery, your driver will ask for a valid ID to confirm your identity as well as that you are 21 years of age, the legal age of purchase and consumption of marijuana. According to Times-Standard, delivery trucks can only carry up to $5,000 worth of product. As well, markings on delivery vehicles can’t indicate, in any way, shape or form, that the vehicles are carrying cannabis. This is by law. For more information about California delivery laws, see our guide here.


Previously the Colorado law surrounding deliveries allowed delivery straight from the dispensary or caregiver to a patient, with no third parties involved. Things are on their way to change, though.

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House Bill 1234 was recently approved by the Senate and already OK’d by the house. The bill is supposed to add recreational deliveries to the mix by 2021.


Recreational pot shops have only been around for a short period of time in Massachusetts, but that doesn’t mean people haven’t started delivering.

Medical patients registered with the state are able to get their hands on weed delivery easily. Recreational, not as much.

Much like users in Washington D.C. “gifting” pot to one another as a legal loophole, some Massachusetts residents cite the state law’s exception of allowing people to “gift” cannabis to others.

There’s nothing like getting a t-shirt delivered to your door with a special surprise. To get a t-shirt, you have to be over 21 and in the state of Massachusetts.


Like most states with legal, recreational cannabis, Nevada still has a lot to learn and tweak about their laws before everything runs smoothly. One thing is for sure though: you can order weed delivery to your house.

Contracted employees from dispensaries can deliver to individual homes. However, they cannot deliver to an establishment, like a restaurant or casino. You can only order up to an ounce at a time, and all parts of the delivery will be tracked. No third-parties can deliver cannabis.


Retailers with a permit can deliver cannabis to adults over 21 who live in the same city or area of the shop they’re purchasing from. Deliverers are also prohibited from delivering to “transient dwellings” such as a motel. The delivery window is between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Medical States Where Weed Delivery Is Legal

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Arizona has strict cannabis laws, but they do kinda sorta allow medical cannabis deliveries. Whether the law was meant to be vague or not, technology makes it easy to deliver cannabis while still meeting the regulations set by the law.

According to a Phoenix law firm, drivers delivering medical cannabis must be registered with the state. This means drivers must already be employees or volunteers of a dispensary to legally drive it around. They may only deliver to registered medical marijuana patients or their registered caregiver.

So long as the purchaser can prove their identity matches the registered user’s information, as well as won’t exceed the legal possession amount, they’re all good. All they have to do now is record the delivery in a state system identifying the date, time, amount delivered, and more.


According to the Medical Marijuana Amendment of 2016, Arkansas law allows delivery of medical marijuana if the patient is over the age of 18 and registered with the state as a medical patient. The cannabis must come from a licensed dispensary.


The law in Connecticut says that delivery of medical cannabis is legal to patients registered with Connecticut’s medical marijuana program.


Delaware law does not prohibit the delivery of medical cannabis to patients. So long as the product is coming from a licensed dispensary and going to a registered patient with documentation, they’re good to go.


Delivery is alive and well to medical patients in Florida. So long as the user is registered with the Medical Marijuana Use Registry and has submitted an order through the registry, patients can have cannabis delivered to their homes.


The law in Illinois allows for the delivery of medical cannabis only from licensed dispensaries to registered patients.


Recreational marijuana is legal in Maine, and some people still profit off illegal cannabis deliveries, despite more attention towards the act recently. Still, medical users can have cannabis delivered to their homes legally, according to state law. As usual, they will need to get their medicine delivered through licensed distributors and be a registered patient.


According to the medical cannabis laws in Maryland, delivery is legal. The law states that “qualifying patient or caregiver shall first telephone a registered dispensary to request the delivery of medical cannabis,” followed by providing proof of identification and a delivery address.


We know that cannabis is now recreationally legal in Massachusetts and the future of delivery is looking good as well. While the law is still a work in progress, recreational delivery is expected within the next year in Massachusetts.

Until then, only medical users can have their cannabis delivered to them. Several dispensaries offer delivery to patients.


Only very recently did Michigan’s first medical marijuana delivery service roll out on the streets. It’s legal for dispensaries to deliver to medical patients with a registration card in the state. Patients must send the dispensary a photo of their Michigan-issued ID card as well as their medical marijuana card before the dispensary will deliver.


Only state-licensed dispensaries can deliver products to registered patients in Minnesota. The state only allows pills, oils, topicals, and liquids and patients cannot order flower or edibles for medical use.


In response to many medical patients asking for delivery, Montana added a new rule to their medical marijuana laws. The law states “marijuana items may only be transported between registered premises licensed testing laboratories, or a registered cardholder's home by a licensee or licensee employee.”

New Hampshire

New Hampshire law allows for the delivery of medical cannabis to registered patients from licensed distributors only.

New Jersey

Some dispensaries offer delivery to registered patients, though according to the State of New Jersey’s Department of Health, home delivery for medical patients is something the state is committed to providing as an option in the future.

New Mexico

Those registered with a medical card in New Mexico may take advantage of home delivery from a state-licensed business.

New York

New York allows medical patients to have their cannabis delivered to their homes. As usual, patients must be registered as a medical patient and obtain their cannabis from a licensed establishment.

North Dakota

The medical marijuana laws in North Dakota allow licensed dispensaries to deliver products to qualified patients registered with the state or their caregivers. Moreover, businesses must have a physical location.


The law in Ohio allows for the delivery of medical marijuana to qualified patients, though it does strict provisions on the packaging that may be used.

Rhode Island

This state not only allows out-of-state medical cards, but also allows for the delivery of medical marijuana. Customers must have a medical card or registration in order to have cannabis delivered.


Medical patients in this state can have their cannabis delivered so long as the users can provide their ID card.


While recreational and medicinal marijuana are both legal in Vermont, only medical delivery is legal. This doesn’t mean people haven’t been getting creative with their delivery “gifts.”

If you want to have marijuana legally delivered to you in Vermont, you’ll need to be part of the registry.

West Virginia

Delivery of medical cannabis is legal in West Virginia. Dispensaries may process orders and deliver to patient homes so long as they can provide proof of registration.

States Where Weed Delivery Is Illegal Or Where The Laws Are Unclear

Delivery is not legal in both recreational and medical circumstances in the following states: