Stand-up comic and radio host, Ben Miner, will soon be bringing cannabis to SiriusXM Canada. The Canadian comedian has a new weekly talk show coming out called Joint Ventures, debuting Saturdays at 11 pm ET beginning on December 14th on Canada Talks SiriusXM Channel 167.

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Canada legalized recreational cannabis on a national level in October of 2018. Miner has been a talk show host with SiriusXM “since day 1,” hosting numerous different radio shows before this one, including Comic Stripped for the Canada Laughs Channel, The Vinyl Cut, and Chomping @ The Bit.

More than just another source of entertainment for stoners, the cannabis-themed radio talk show will include interviews with prominent leaders in the industry, such as Miner’s conversation about terpenes with Pete Shearer, Director of Product Development and Planning for Supreme Cannabis Company. Discussion on the show will be focused on “informing, educating, demystifying and destigmatizing cannabis” for the general public.

In a recent announcement posted to the SiriusXM website, Miner wrote, “Cannabis is possibly the most villainized plant in human history[,] and it has so many benefits. Hemp alone could revolutionize the textile industry and the medical applications for cannabis are seemingly endless. The industry is rapidly evolving with subsidiary industries popping up left and right. CBD products for pets? That’s a thing. Medical cannabis analytical apps? Yup. Cannabis and ageing, stocks and finance, canna tourism, topical applications, sprays, drinks, cannabis employment and certification. So many things to talk about!!! See why I’m excited about this show now? The conversation isn’t just new, it’s broad and expansive. This industry has the potential to touch just about every aspect of our lives.”

Miner also Tweeted just last week, “I’m bringing #cannabis content to @siriusxmcanada! … hey @Sethrogen, come on my show? hey@BrentButt, tell him I’m totally not a jerk! so excited for this show!!!” T

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he comedian has long been “a passionate advocate for erasing barriers to sharing comedy globally.” Back in 2004, Miner was featured in New York Times piece expressing his support of satellite radio, an emerging technology at the time.

Miner joked, “We need to be able to export things aside from maple syrup.” In the same interview, said Miner, “There are three of us in a two-bedroom hotel room with a cot off to the side. We’ve been using the Foreman grill making sandwiches. That’s why I want satellite radio, so I can eat out instead of making grilled cheese.”

Miner also competed on MasterChef Canada in 2014, successfully making it to the top 16 before being eliminated after failing to impress the judges with his smelt fish cakes topped with pear and corn. He also made a noteworthy appearance at the 2018 Canada Laughs Awards show, where he had the opportunity to speak with celebrity comedians, Trevor Noah, Ali Wong, Judd Apatow, Jim Carrey, Jeffrey Ross, and others.

According to his official bio on SiriusXM, “when he’s not patrolling the city decked out in his replica Spider-Man costume saving pedestrians from menacing-looking pigeons he can be found on-air or on a comedy club stage.”

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