The weed industry is at an exciting new starting point, as each new legal state offers a new load of job opportunities for those who seek it. Just like every other industry, capitalism allows us to monetize nearly every aspect of the weed industry that is still fairly new, but most importantly, going to get bigger. Barring a complete disaster, marijuana has pretty much ingrained itself into our lives, and isn’t going anywhere. If you are a diehard stoner or just looking for a new start, the green industry has a place for everyone and new jobs opening every day.

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Figure Out What Job You Want

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Casting out a wide net may get you something, but if you really wanna lay your roots down in the marijuana world, figuring out where you will fit the best is key. Sure there will always be service jobs like trimming bud or being a dispensary worker, but If you have a background in communications, public relations or advertising for a dispensary could be far more worthwhile.

Know how to run a social media page? Interested in outreach? Use what you have already done to help you get farther. The cannabis industry is just like every other industry and will look more and more like any other job market around as it grows. The cannabis world is wide and diverse, meaning that once you figure out what you want to be, you will probably have a much easier time getting the job.

Applying your passion to what you want will most likely be what keeps you around, so don’t be afraid to go for what you want. Always wanted to create a hemp clothing line to match your weed business? Get to designing. Always wanted to start your own business? What is stopping you?

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Do Your Research

While you probably aren’t a total newbie, make sure that you know what you are getting into. Knowing the terminology for cannabis and a little bit about the current weed world we live will be crucial and can set you apart from someone else trying to get the job. Know the laws and rules of the state that you want to work in and what it could mean for you.

If you are in a state that only allows medical marijuana or CBD products, make sure you know the extent of your work (or what you’ll be legally allowed to work on). Medical marijuana is allowed in over half the country while CBD is allowed in pretty much all of it. The work that comes with them differs from recreational marijuana, which will probably be the most open field for new candidates.

The work you may want to get into may mean moving or getting some more certifications, so doing some online research on the realities of the new life you want to live will only do you good.

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It’s Still A Job Hunt - And A Competetive One

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Make sure that you have all your job hunting materials in order, as having your sh*t together will be a huge advantage. Having your resume and social profiles locked down will be crucial for you if you really want to land a good job. Writing a custom cover letter for the jobs you really want and making sure that it has what employers want (everything on the job description) is always a boost as the cover letter shows who you are.

Make sure that your Linkedin and other public profiles are up to par if they are easy to find. Every job will Google you, so making sure that your Facebook and Twitter are clean while your Linkedin is up to date and fresh will help you out in life and on the job hunt.

Get Some Help

You don’t have to enter the dankness (darkness, I’m sorry) alone. Seeking out some help on job boards or networking can be what puts you with that new 401k over some other person. Job boards are obviously a great place to see what jobs are out there in the present.

Regular, established companies like Indeed and Linkedin post jobs in the cannabis world and will be some of the first places you should look. Staffing agencies can also be a great place to get a specific and pointed look at what and who is hiring. Some of the good ones include Viridian Staffing, Vangst Staffing, HempStaff, Ms. Mary Staffing, THC Staffing Group and Cannamed Talent Solutions.

Meanwhile, groups on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform can be a great way to talk to real people and get some helpful tips on a more personal level. You can also find local groups to network in real life or see what is going on in the weed world.

Play The Long Game

The weed world may seem like a get rich quick world with how fast it’s growing, but the smarter you play the game the more likely you’ll win. If you truly want to make good money, you’ll have to put in good work, but it isn’t impossible. The marijuana industry will be around for a while, so making sure that you start strong and stay strong will be the difference from a couple of good years to decades of fantastic years.

Starting a new job is difficult enough, but starting in a whole new field or industry can be a huge mountain to climb. Making sure that you know exactly what you want and what it is going to entail can be what sets a couple years of struggle from a thriving business apart. However, keeping your mind open will also be a great asset as you head into the weed world, as it is still a fledgling industry, that is only going to grow with time.

Keeping your mind open is also just a quality that everyone should have in any industry. As more and more weed grows every day, you should be too. If you are looking for a change, the weed industry may be the place for you, as it not only has room for everyone, but it is only getting bigger. There may be some uncertainty in the field, but with no risk, you won’t get green of any kind.