Other Issues the Government Should Focus on Besides Cannabis

US Government has bigger issues to worry about than cannabis

If our Attorney General is to be believed, cannabis is a major, major problem plaguing America. It’s so major, in fact, that it’s worthy of his attention, an obsessive attention that makes him look like a dog with a bone. Jeff Sessions may represent the people, but he doesn’t appear to be on the same page as us.

For most American citizens, cannabis is nowhere on our radar, unless that radar involves putting the address to the newest dispensary into our GPS. Instead, were more concerned with the following:


According to a poll conducted last summer, more Americans are worried about Father Time than Mary Jane (or, specifically, what Father Time brings along). With an aging population, healthcare is a serious concern.

The cost of healthcare in America is soaring, but why? Why is it so expensive to get an EKG or an anti-depressant in our country?

There are a few factors that come into play. One is the cost pharmaceuticals US has a rising cost of healthcare and decreasing life expectancy– they’re unreasonable and unlimited. In fact, their “for profit” mantra has some people believing that Big Pharma is one of the things standing in between now and the nationwide legalization of cannabis. It’s much better for them if they can peddle expensive products than it would be if the masses relied on a plant to cultivate wellness.

Another thing inflating costs is the administrative process. Our healthcare system is complicated and it takes a lot paper pushing to make sure things are in order. This costs money, but at least it also creates jobs.

Defensive medicine is a factor too. This happens when a doctor is certain of their diagnosis, but they operate from a “just in case” platform to avoid potential litigation. That hangnail on your pinky finger? Better get a kidney ultrasound just to be safe!

With all that we spend on healthcare, you’d think Americans were the healthiest people on the planet, but that’s nowhere close to being true. When it comes to lifespan, we rank behind other developed nations.  It’s been well documented as to why – it comes down to diet and exercise. We eat food that is unhealthy and we don’t workout enough. That, of course, factors into cost as well. It sets the stage for illness which requires intervention which drives up prices.

The Environment

The trump administration has been bad for the environmentWhile the current administration has been busy burning science books,
many citizens continue to worry about the environment. The concern isn’t really for ourselves but for our future children and grandchildren: we wonder what kind of planet we will stick them with.

It is a bit of a controversial subject, particularly when you weigh the decisions made by the President (namely, pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, a move he’s reportedly reconsidering). But even if he rejoins, Trump is not exactly an environmentalist’s dream. He’s dismantled programs designed to protect Mother Earth and repeatedly dismisses research. Trump may be a self-proclaimed very stable genius, but we’ll stick with NASA on this one.

 Drugs, but…..

Drugs remain an issue in the US – that War on Drugs? Yeah, it did nothing. But it’s not cannabis that is ravaging communities and taking lives; it’s opioids, both those that are legal with a valid prescription and those that are entirely illicit.

Sessions has tried to use this epidemic as a reason why cannabis should remain illegal, a stance that makes no sense since cannabis is not an opioid and cannabis actually helps people get off of opioids. While the opioid-epidemic is nationwide, the hardest hit cities are not in places where people can buy recreational cannabis. In fact, the cities with the highest abusers have some of the most close-minded cannabis views.


Trump is an issue for the US GovernmentWhether you voted for Trump, voted for someone else, or didn’t vote because the appeal of the candidates was like choosing between eating a strand of wet hair or a piece of couch, it’s hard to argue that Trump is not a concern. From his Twitter meltdowns to his sexual allegations, from the racist things he’s allegedly (and not so “allegedly”) said to his narcissism, Trump is a wild card and that gives Americans reason to fret.

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