Ed Udhus of Zebrahead   [Into the Weeds Podcast Recap]

At Wikileaf, we strive to bring you new content. We’re back with another episode of Into The Weeds.

This week’s edition of Get Into The Weed’s ITW Podcast focuses on Ed Udhus, founding member of rock outfit Zebrahead and creator of Get Off My Case road cases for touring bands and concerts. Ed discusses that although he had more conservative views towards drugs, CBD helped him with pain management and more importantly, CBD and cannabis helped ween him off opioids. 

Ed Udhus: Zebrahead 

Zebra was formed in 1996 by  Ed Udhus, Greg Bergdorf, bassist Ben Osmundson and guitarist Justin Mauriello. Uninspired by current musical fads of the time, began incorporating elements of hip-hop into their sound, eventually recruiting rapper Ali Tabatabaee to join them as a co-vocalist. 

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Zebrahead substantially entered ITW’s hemisphere when Death By Stereo guitarist Dan Palmer joined the band in 2013. Being based in Canada, we didn’t realize how huge of a deal that was for our friend. 

Ed and the Zebrahead guys have green that band into a world wide for selling thousands of records works wide and playing stadium sized shows in Japan. 

On the episode, Efrem shares a hilarious story about Ed coming to his rescue at a party. 

Ed is also owner of "Get Off My Case", an international renowned custom case and road case company, based in Anaheim, CA.

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ITW is an hour-long podcast known for its conversational flow and intriguing quests. ITW host’s include musician and advocate Ben Rispin (MJR Label Genetics, Rules, Saint Alvia Cartel), musician and entrepreneur, Efrem Martinez-Shulz (Death By Stereo, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Programme Skate & Sound), and Canadian cannabis industry-expert Bubba Nicholson (Grey Beard Cannabis). 

Every episode finds hosts discussing the state of the cannabis marketplace and its various nuances while guests from across the entertainment and cannabis landscapes share how they “got Into the Weeds”