At Wikileaf, we are always excited to bring our visitors new content. We are continuing our series with Into the Weeds this week, releasing episode 3.

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Step into the world of Nikki Vicious, a pioneering transgender adult film star, as she joins the Into the Weeds podcast. In this episode, Nikki shares her journey, experiences, and perspectives with Into the Weeds with hosts Ben Rispin (musician/advocate, MJR Label Genetics, Rules, Saint Alvia Cartel), Efrem Martinez-Shulz (musician/entrepreneur, Death by Stereo, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Programme Skate & Sound) and Canadian cannabis industry expert Bubba Nicholson (Grey Beard Cannabis) as we learn and discover more about the cannabis lifestyle, industry, and how people have gotten “Into the Weeds.”

This week’s edition of Into the Weeds (ITW) focuses on transgender adult film star and former professional paintballer Nikki Vicious.  Throughout the episode, Nikki discusses how she got into the adult film industry, her humble beginnings in Vancouver Canada, and speaks in depth about transitioning and positive trans role models. 

Who is Nikki Vicious?

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Nikki Vicious is a transgender adult film star, producer, cam girl and content creator. Born in Surrey, British Columbia, Nikki grew up a small town kid loving punk rock and music. Previous to transitioning, she was a star athlete in high school and ended up becoming a star in the paintball world.

Having transitioned in her mid 20’s, she fell in love and moved to Los Angeles. Nikki started modeling, camming and filming adult scenes in 2016 and has skyrocketed to be one of the most recognizable faces in adult films today. Nikki is also a brain cancer survivor and is currently open about being in recovery, where she hopes to inspire other people with addiction issues. 

Forever a punk, Nikki’s love of creating provocative art recently produced, and co-write a short art-film with Canadian Psychedelic Hardcore outfit Rules, set to release later this year. 

Nikki is candid about the hardship and prejudices trans women face, but approaches educating the public with positivity and sincerity. 

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Nikki Vicious Inspires ITW Hosts

Being a big Death By Stereo fan, Nikki met Efrem years ago and sparked up a friendship of respect, music and inspiration. In the years since Efrem brought Nikki on the show, all hosts and crew of ITW have developed close friendships with Vicious. On separate occasions, every host has gone on record discussing how Nikki has inspired each of them to not only how to be a better ally, but to always listen and respect those in marginalized groups. 

Vicious keeps in touch with all the hosts of ITW regularly. Rispin and Vicious have begun collaborating on a short film co-written by Rispin, Canadian musician Chuck Coles and Vicious herself, and executive produced by Bubba Nicholson. The film puts Vicious in an alternate universe where hetero normative preople are treated with simialr prejudice as marginalized communities. 

Throughout the pandemic, Shulz and Vicious were even in each other’s “Bubbles” as both were  getting tested frequently due to work, and would smoke weed and talk from a safe distance whenever they could. 

A forever inspiration and friend to the show, we’re all really grateful that Nikki told us how she got into the weeds.