One of the fun things about the cannabis world is that there are always new trends popping up that make pretty standard activities more fun (or different, at the very least). We’d like to introduce you to and/or acquaint you with one such whim in the world of blunts. Meet the vortex blunt; a hollow bleezy that might remind you of a long and thin donut. Why do this? Vortex blunts are known to have a smoother draw, and offer larger inhalations.  However, first things first: A blunt is different from a joint in that it is rolled in cigar paper, not your typical rolling paper. To roll your own blunt, purchase a cigar, dump the tobacco, and re-roll it with cannabis instead. Many consumers like blunts because they tend to last longer than your standard joint and the wraps often come in different shapes, sizes, and flavors.  Do take note: blunts contain tobacco, so if you prefer to keep your weed nicotine free, blunts are not for you. There are of course non-tobacco options (more on that below), but we wanted to make note that the traditional blunt wrap will indeed contain nicotine. Let’s assume that you are ready to roll a vortex blunt. How do you do it? Let’s dig in. 

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Choose Your Blunt Wrap, Rod, and Grinder 

You could purchase a cigar, go to the trouble of slicing it open and dumping the tobacco, and rolling your vortex blunt from there. As we mentioned earlier, blunt wraps typically contain tobacco, but we’re always happy to suggest healthier alternative wraps like Palm Leaf Blunts or High Hemp Herbal Wraps.

diagram of how smoke moves through a brown Vortex Blunt Wraps. Vortex blunt wraps make rolling a hollow blunt easy and seamless. Photo Credit: Vortex Blunt
Or make it easy on yourself and purchase a Vortex Natural Blunt Wrap, whose packages include a wrapper and the round stick you’ll need to create the hollow and achieve the donut effect.  But let’s assume you are a do-it-yourself-er. The most important tool you’ll need - other than blunt wraps - is a long rod thin enough to work within the wrap. We’re thinking a thin, round chopstick will do the trick. To make your rolling experience even easier, we suggest using a rolling tray if you’ve got one. Now that you’ve got your tools, you’re ready to roll. 

How to Roll a Vortex Blunt

  1. Grind your weed: the most efficient way to break cannabis into smaller pieces is with a grinder. Plus, when you use a grinder and not your fingers, those cannabinoid-laden trichomes stay on your flower and don’t go to waste on your fingers
  2. Prepare your wrap: If you’ve bought blunt paper, just set it out. If you're emptying a cigar, use a razor blade to cut the cigar lengthwise and empty the tobacco. If you’d like, you can keep some of the tobacco for a spliff later, or simply discard
  3. Place the stick in the middle of the wrapping paper (if you’re using the Vortex natural blunt wrap, the stick will be pre-placed)
  4. Fill the wrap with weed, making sure to place it around and under the rod. Make sure the rod is centered.
  5. Roll the wrap between your fingers until it forms a cylinder. You can use the rod as a support. Roll it tightly, trying to keep the rod centered
  6. Lick and seal the wrap. 
  7. Let it dry. Don’t skip this step! 
  8. Once dry, pull the stick gently out of the wrap

Voila! You should have a nice, donut shape in your hollow blunt. But never fear if you didn’t get it right the first time. Blunts are a little easier to roll than joints, but as they say, practice makes perfect. Finally, light it up and enjoy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Roll a Blunt Shape?

The easiest way to roll a blunt shape is to get yourself some blunt wraps, which are bigger and come in the characteristic darker color. 

What is the Easiest Blunt Wrap to Roll?

Blunts are generally easier to roll than joints, but to make it really easy on yourself, use blunt wraps instead of cutting open a cigar.