How to Roll a Joint [Easy Beginner’s Guide]

 Learning how to roll a joint can be super frustrating, but with time it can be done. Perfecting anything takes time. Joints included.

1. Break Up Your Bud

Make sure you break up your budSticking a few buds in your rolling paper and trying to roll it up is a sure way to fail at rolling a joint. First step. You must break up your weed before rolling it up. The easiest way to break up your bud is by hand, but you can also invest in a grinder. A grinder will keep your fingers from getting all sticky and sticking to the paper when you’re trying to roll the joint. The ultimate goal of breaking up your weed is to fill your paper with a “smooth” product sans any stems or seeds, that will roll up easily to give you a nice, tight j to smoke to your head or share with your friends.

2. Create Your Filter (Optional)

It’s up to you to decide if you want to add a crutch (a tip or filter) to your joint. A filter isn’t necessary, but they’re good if you don’t want to burn your lips, don’t want to waste any weed, or don’t want to get little pieces of weed in your mouth. A lot of joint papers include a crutch with the papers, but if not all you need is a small piece of cardboard. Fold the cardboard over (back and forth) a few times and then simply roll it up.

3. Fill Your Paper with Pot

A crutch is optional but nice to haveOnce you’ve broken up your weed, it’s time to get rolling. Pick a paper from your pack and you’ll see a natural crease in it, which acts like a little vessel to hold your cannabis. Hold onto the paper at one end and begin to spread your weed evenly along the paper in the crease. If you made a crutch, insert it at the end and hold it with your thumb while you fill the rest of the paper with the weed.

4. Start to Shape Your Joint

Once your paper is full of weed, you’ll want to shape your joint. To do this, just pinch the joint paper between your fingertips and slowly roll back and forth to pack down the weed into its final shape. If you want to roll a cone, there should be more marijuana toward the end of the joint and less toward the tip. When you shape your joint before you roll it, rolling becomes a whole lot easier.

5. Roll the Joint

Lick your joint to seal itWant to roll a good, tight joint that burns perfectly? Don’t skimp on this crucial step. Keeping your fingers in the back of the joint and your thumbs up front, start to slowly roll the paper back and forth with your thumbs and forefingers. You want to get all the weed in your paper smoothed out evenly, then tuck the paper in the front (unglued side) underneath to the back and roll it up. Lightly lick the glue part of the paper to seal it up.

6. Pack Your Joint

Last step before sparking up your joint is to pack it. The end of your joint could be a little loose. Packing it ensures that you’re not losing any weed and that it smokes evenly throughout the entire smoke sesh. You can really use anything to pack the tip of the joint. A pen, a key, a stick, the string on your hoodie…you just want to make sure your weed is packed down tight. Once it’s all packed in, you can either fold down the top or twist it up to make sure none of your weed escapes. This is especially handy when you’re not going to light up right away.

Wow, You Did It! 

Voila, you have a jointThese are the basics of rolling a good joint. If you end up wasting 30 papers before you get your first one right, don’t be hard on yourself. With practice, it will come. But who knows, you might just be a natural. You’ll never know, however, unless you try. Basic joints are easy once you get the hang of it. And before you know it you might be rolling some more creative joints rather than sticking to the old standby.

Fun Facts About Joints

  • In Washington, the average pot consumer smokes 123 joints per year (not gonna lie though, we suspect these numbers are probably a lot “higher”).
  • The largest joint on record weighed in at 4.20 pounds.
  • Irvin Rosenfeld, one of the country’s first medical marijuana patients, is featured in the Guinness Book of World Records under “Most Pot Consumed” for smoking 115,000 joints throughout his lifetime…all of which were courtesy of the federal government.
  • It takes 800 joints to kill a man, but you can’t overdose on weed. The cause of death would be carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • President John F Kennedy smoked three joints one night in the White House with his mistress then said, “Suppose the Russians did something now…”
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