How to Make a Water Bottle Bong in 6 Steps

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A water bottle bong is a guerrilla-style home-made bong that can be made simply and quickly by just about anyone. While many people prefer to use 2-liter plastic bottles because they provide ample room for enough water to significantly cool the smoke, water bottle bongs can also be made out of simple 16oz water bottles as well. Other simple household items like a ballpoint pen, aluminum foil and glue are all you need to put together a homemade water bottle bong in under an hour. Nobody knows exactly who invented the water bottle bong, but we are pretty sure it comes from divine inspiration induced under the influence of the mighty cannabis plant herself. Here’s how to make a water bottle bong.

How To Make a Water Bottle Bong

To make a water bottle at home, first you need these key components:

  • A plastic water bottle
  • Aluminum foil for the bowl ( a small socket will also work very well)
  • A ballpoint pen
  • Some kind of glue or sealant

Step 1: Build Your Carb

The first thing you want to do is remove the top of the bottle, you won’t be needed it. Now you want to poke a hole in your bottle near the top, in a place where water will not be able to escape even if you hold the bottle at a strong angle. The carb allows for airflow when you inhale and ensures that enough oxygen will pass through the burning material.

Step 2: Create Your Downstream

Now you want to create a stem that holds your bowl and focuses the air into the water of the water bong. This is called a downstream. A simple ballpoint pen works best for this but first, you want to remove both the tip and the plug at the end, as well as the ink cartridge inside so that all you are left with is a plastic cylinder.

Then you want to cut a hole in the side of the water bottle about an inch or two above the bottom if using a smaller bottle, and a bit higher if using a two-liter. Scissors work well for this, but its a good idea to punch the hole out a bit with something smaller to make sure it is not too big.

Step 3: Make Your Bowl

A simple bowl can be created by forming one out of aluminum foil and then poking holes in it with a toothpick. The can then be sculpted (and then glued) onto one end of the downstream you just made from a ballpoint pen to create a fast and simple bowl.

Another alternative is a small socket that fits right into the ballpoint pen downstream. If you have time, hit up the hardware store and by one of the types where one end is smaller than the other, we recommend a 7/32. This should fit nicely into the ballpoint pen on one end and then open up enough on the other so that you have a good-sized bowl.

Step 4: Put it All Together

Now insert the downstream into the bottle at the hole you created earlier. It’s ok if the end of the downstream rests against the bottom of the bottle, in fact, this will give it more stability, but just make sure there is enough angle for sufficient water to enter. If not, consider cutting a slanted piece off.

The bowl, whether aluminum or socket, should also be attached to the other end of the downstream. While it doesn’t need to be completely airtight at this point, you do want to make sure the fit is as snug as possible. Use the time in this step to whittle or sculpt away until you get the best possible fit – it will make a difference!

Step 5: Seal it All Up

The final step is making the water bottle bong as airtight as possible so it hits well and doesn’t lose suction to escaping air. You can use a sealant for this, but make sure it is non-toxic. Another great substance to consider is modeling clay or even silly putty, but use as little as you can so that it doesn’t weigh down the product. If you used sealant or glue, let it dry until it is completely sealed before use.

Step 6: Fire Her Up!

So now that you have your homemade water bottle bong all put together it’s time to let her rip! First, fill the water bottle about a quarter to a third with actual water. The level of water should not only cover the end of the downstream, but it should rise well above it. Why? Because you want the smoke to pass through a substantial amount of water in order to get the cooling and filtering effect that lets you inhale more smoke than is possible with pipes and other methods. That’s what bongs are all about, after all, So place your mouth on the open bottle top, pack that bowl, and fire her up!

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