How Can Weed Enhance Your Sex Life?

Here's how weed can enhance your sex life

They say that everything is better when you are high. This includes sex as well. Stoners don’t necessarily have a very different sex life from the average person, but they have the unique opportunity to get a little more out of their intimate sessions together.

You would be surprised to know that weed and sex have a pretty long history.

People don’t usually talk about it, but this drug can serve as a wonderful aphrodisiac. In other words, smoking weed gives your libido a boost and allows you to enjoy sex a lot more than you used to. Here are five reasons why sex is better when you are high:

Improves Your Creativity

An imaginative person is more likely to enjoy sex than someone who has a dull mind. Creativity plays a very important role in making sexual intercourse exciting, thrilling and pleasurable. If you keep doing the same thing over and over again when you are in bed with someone, your moves are going to get stale and your sex life will turn into a chore. This is why you need to be creative in bed. It stimulates you and keeps the other person guessing. It makes you look forward to getting laid.

Kitchen Sex , Couple having sex on the counter, Creative Sex, When you smoke marijuana, a process in the brain called hyper priming is enhanced. This process is responsible for the abstract and creative thoughts that you have while you are under the influence of the drug. Essentially, the improved hyper priming allows you to react differently when you are having sex. You’ll probably think of a position that you have never tried before or say something dirty that would surprise your partner in a very pleasant way.

Creativity is most needed during foreplay or the build up to sex. Having great sex is all about doing everything needed to set a lustful mood for the night. In certain cases, smoking the right strain can help men obtain better erections.

Heightens Your Sensitivity

From a very physical standpoint, marijuana has the capability to make sex feel better. The reason for that is because your tactile inputs are significantly increased. As a result, you experience a greater rush of sensations.

You become more sensitive to physical contact, and therefore arousals become easier and more frequent. In fact, the improved sensitivity can be so intense that stoners feel they know where each nerve of their body is located.

Instead of just focusing on the genitals, you can explore your lover’s entire body when you are high and let them do the exact same to you. Part of being a pro in bed is about knowing where to touch and when to do it. Marijuana gives you a big hand in this department.

Some strains are better for this. Some say sativas like OG Kush are great when the clothes come off.

Strengthens Your Emotional Connection

Emotionless sex with no strings attached can be great at times, but it does not compare to sexual intercourse that is filled with raging emotions. Sex feels more fulfilling when you are in bed with someone that you have a deep emotional connection with. You get more gratification out of it when you are unleashing your lust on someone that you love and trust.

When you smoke marijuana, you develop a tendency to be more receptive to the emotional needs and cravings of your lover. Not only does this make sex wonderful, but it also strengthens the relationship overtime.

Sensitive kissing, People in love kissing, couple kissing Instead of just having steamy, passionate sex, you can relax, cuddle and talk about your deepest and darkest secrets with the person you are in bed with. Such a heightened emotional connection is essential to maintaining a healthy and harmonious relationship.

Brings Out the Freak In You

Everyone wishes they could be wild and freaky in the sheets, but very few of us are bold enough to try out unconventional sex. Most people are content with ordinary sex in the bed at somewhere around midnight. Repeating this every other day or once a week is going to allow boredom to creep into your relationship. You need to let loose and inject a bit of insanity in your sex life. Going out of your comfort zones will only enhance your trust and help you grow as a person along with your loved one.

In order to go wild and be a freak in bed, you need a boost in your serotonin. This chemical in the brain is responsible for inducing euphoria. When there’s a burst of euphoria in your system, you become emotionally closer to the person you are in bed with and feel a lot more comfortable about trying things that you wouldn’t even dare to speak of before.

Some parts of cannabis, CBN in particular reacts with the serotonin system in your brain to make your more euphoric.

This is why it is easier for stoners to be adventurous when they are trying to spice up their sex life.

Makes Your Fantasies More Vivid

An intense and thrilling sex life starts with your thoughts. If you are incapable of creating wild fantasies inside your mind, you will struggle to BDSM, Women wearing a collar, Woman wearing a collar and red lipstick enjoy sexual intercourse with another person. This is where smoking weed comes into play.

When you are all alone and by yourself, a puff of pot is perhaps all you need to revive those dirty ideas in your head. What weed basically does is it mentally prepares you for an exciting night with someone that you really want. It charges up your libido and creates a void inside of you that can only be fulfilled by raw lust.

Fantasizing about being with someone is very important to having a healthy sexual relationship with them. A simple fantasy about kissing a person that you badly want can be more sexually enticing than actually having sex with someone that you are not really interested in.

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