Holiday Cannabis Gifts for the Pothead in Your Life

Perfect gifts for the pothead in your life

The invention of the internet has changed the way we shop for holidays gifts. Gone are the days of walking uphill both ways to Mervyn’s to stand in line for the Christmas sale. Now we can buy everything we need from the comfort of our living room…almost.

Of course, when it comes to cannabis, this convenience is limited. You can buy the stoner in your life a joint or a “bouquet” of flowers, but you can’t do it over the internet (someday, perhaps). Marijuana can’t be sent via mail as long as it’s federally illegal.

13 Gifts for Cannabis Enthusiasts

That doesn’t mean holiday shopping for a cannabis gift is all brick and mortar: there’s plenty of presents a pothead will love available online. And these are just a few of them:

Formula 420: Anyone who smokes regularly knows that paraphernalia is particularly adept at growing clogged: it starts out in the equipment before it gets all over everything. You’ve heard of the Midas Touch: resin on your couch and walls and bedspread is the Marijuana Touch. This formula helps keep equipment clean, making sure your house stays clean too (at least in terms of cannabis residue……the spaghetti sauce on the ceiling? You’re on your own with that). It’s rumored to work on even the most disgusting pipes.

An Awesome Grinder: A grinder may or may not be applicable to the cannabis gifts pothead in your life. If they’re smokers, then an awesome grinder is a necessity. If they prefer edibles, pass on the grinder for a grater – even pot pizzas need mozzarella.

A Vape Case: Most smokers know that vaping is better for them than frank smoking – it’s healthier and doesn’t leave the throat feeling like you’ve swallowed a Brill-o pad (or at least not as much). This is why a vaporizer case is important! It’s not vital – a toiletry bag or a pocket suffice – but if a vaporizer is expensive (or beloved), it deserves to travel in style. If you know someone who calls their vaporizer by name, then they deserve a decent case.

Oversized Bean Bag: Sure, it’s a little big to work as a stocking stuffer, but an oversized bean bag is a necessity of any proper pot pad. And you don’t have to be an imbiber to use it, either. Everyone, even the housecat, can appreciate comfort.

A classy AF bong: For the high-class stoner in your lifeCannabis gifts check out the Upright Bubbler Bong with Downstem. This beauty hits as smooth as snow on Christmas morning. No doubt you’ll be their favorite person this holiday season until they get so baked they forget who you are of course. So spoil that stoner with the gift of an incredible smoke sesh.

A Vacation to a Legal State: If your loved one lives in a state where Mary Jane is Persona Non-Grata, consider splurging for a vacation to a legal state. Many of the legal jurisdictions offer pot vacations that allow people to dive in and really experience the cannabis culture. They don’t come cheap (especially when you factor in airfare), but nothing says “I love you” like “Here’s a ticket to Denver.” Or the Hope Diamond – that says it too.

Marijuana Scented Candles: Some people can take or leave the smell of cannabis (and some flat out detest it). Then there are those who find it enjoyable. If you know someone in the latter category, consider a marijuana scented candle. Of course, there is some practicality involved in this too. Someone who lives in a non-smoking apartment, for example, can light this candle while they light a joint. If they’re busted by management, it serves as a scapegoat: What the hell is your problem, Stu. It’s just a candle.

Gift certificates: Naturally, you can’t go wrong giving the cannabis connoisseur access to fine-dining (or not so fine-dining (ahem, Taco Bell). Food and marijuana will always go together, but food gift certificates make ideal gifts anyway. People have got to eat, whether or not they’re high.

iHit iPhone: Cannabis users who are also iPhone users are in for a special treat with this phone case. Some versions simply store your stash for you while others come with a flameless lighter. They’re discreet and available for different phones (namely the iPhone 6 or 7 series).

A Collapsible Water Pipe: Water pipes aren’t exactly subtle, nor are they easy to transport. But a collapsible water pipe is both! This pipe collapses to 1.5 inches and extends to 11 inches. It’s ideal for camping or, really, anytime you want to smoke on the run. It also comes with a metal bowl.

Loungewear: As we’ve detailed many times, consuming pot does not translate to being lazy… least not with every inhale. But some strains are certainlycannabis gifts conducive to couchlock. If you know someone who favors indicas, consider buying them some comfy pajamas or sweats. Because sitting on the sofa in heavily starched jeans just doesn’t sound alluring.

Willie Nelson Concert Tickets: Yes, he’s still touring. Check out his schedule here.

A Decent Water Bottle: Sure, getting a water bottle as a gift isn’t thrilling: it’s up there with sweaters and underwear. But, it is practical, especially for people who imbibe in cannabis often. Staying hydrated is one of the best ways to ward off uncomfortable side effects (cotton mouth, especially). If you drink with regularity, you’ll no longer feel as though you swallowed a bucket of sand; you’ll only feel as if you swallowed a spoonful of it. Naturally, you don’t need a water bottle to consume H20 – a glass, a faucet, a garden hose all do the trick too – but carrying a water bottle around encourages you to drink. And that can make the cannabis experience that much more enjoyable.

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