5 Ways You Can Help Legalize Weed

You can help get cannabis descheduled

Legal weed has come a long way in the past decade. In states like Colorado and Washington there’s a dispensary on practically every corner. In other states, not so much. Weed may be legal in some places, but not everyone who loves smoking pot has the luxury of walking into a store and buying an ounce or a pre-roll. Getting caught with a joint in Texas can still put you in jail, after all.

Marijuana freedom fighters, we have a long way to go until we see cannabis get the justice it deserves. With more people supporting legalization than ever before, there’s a growing number of folks interested in how they can help support the cause.

There are several ways to stand strong for cannabis legalization. And you don’t even have to become an activist…unless you want to of course.

Supporting the legalization of cannabis can involve even the smallest changes. You might want to open up to your family about your cannabis use or let your sick grandmother know how medical marijuana could help her out.

Interested in making an impact? Check out the following ways you can help support the legalization of marijuana.

5 Ways to Support the Cause: How You Can Help Legalize Marijuana

Share Your Story

Share your story on social mediaHas medical marijuana saved your life or the life of someone close to you? Do you have a story about how cannabis has positively impacted your life? Did someone else’s story change the way you view cannabis? Everyone has a story and letting your voice be heard is one way to make a super powerful impact. Post your experience on Facebook, share your story on Instagram.

No one can tell your story better than you. And no one can tell the truth better than those who use cannabis every day. We are the voices of Mary Jane. We are the ones who need to share her many miracles with the world.

We are the mothers and fathers whose children have come back to life after suffering from various medical conditions for years. We are the wives, husbands, and significant others who get more time with our partners because cannabis cured their pain. We are the veterans who stopped taking countless prescription pills for chronic pain and PTSD by switching to medical marijuana.

Speaking your truth and telling your story can have a tremendous impact on how people perceive cannabis. Let your voice be heard.

Get Your Education On

Knowledge is power, people. And the internet is full of resources that will school you in cannabis education. There are people out there working extremely hard to see this plant decriminalized and fully legalized who have put out some tremendously useful information.

Educate yourselfFounded in 1970 to “move public opinion sufficiently to legalize the responsible use of marijuana,” NORML is one of the most respected resources for information and marijuana legalization in the industry. They are an excellent resource for all things cannabis legalization and offer countless information on how you can stand behind the cause.

The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) was founded in 1995 and is another organization leading the way to end marijuana prohibition. Their site is full of valuable information that can help you become a part of the movement you support. Click here to read about some of MPP’s major accomplishments in the fight for marijuana legalization.

Americans for Safe Access (ASA) was founded in 2002 as a “vehicle for patients to advocate for the acceptance of cannabis as medicine.” ASA has trained thousands of patients and activists to find their voice and help lobby for the legalization of medical cannabis, and their site is full of valuable information.

Speak Your Mind on Social Media

Social media is basically life in 2018, and there are several platforms out there that support the legalization of cannabis. Find the pages and people posting about weed that resonate with you. Like the posts that resonate with you and share the ones that stir your soul. If you see something that touches you and makes you think or gets you excited, it’s likely going to do the same for others.

In this one beautiful life, we only get a few chances to do something great. Social media can be a huge advantage for doing this. Social media is a place where we can speak our minds about our love for cannabis and inspire others to do the same.  You can use social media to your advantage by creating conversations regarding cannabis legalization and connecting with others who are doing the same.

Get in Touch with Your Local Government

Go to your local governmentYour local government plays a huge role in the legalization of marijuana. Weed will never be legalized without the support of key government officials. Who are the senators, state assembly members, and city council members in your area who support the legalization of cannabis? These days you’re likely to find them even in the most conservative of states.

Connect with them. Write letters. Call their offices. Schedule to meet with them in person to discuss the future of marijuana legalization in your area. Getting in touch with your local government is a HUGE way to make positive change begin to happen.

Find and Sign Pro-Pot Petitions Online

For those of you who would rather have your voice be heard behind the scenes, signing an online petition is an awesome way to help support legalization. There are countless pro-pot petitions just waiting for your signature.

Online activism has become a global phenomenon, many set up to promote social changes that lead to positive change. From petitions that call for veterans with PTSD to use cannabis in medical-friendly states to the push for legalization at the federal level, online petitions that support cannabis legalization let you do your part in one of the simplest and most effective ways possible.

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