Like A Virgin….First Time Ganja Stories

The best first time smoking stories

Do you remember your first time? The awkward fumbling? The pivotal moment of exhale? Who’d you share your first time with? Today, we’re sharing stories of the first time. So, grab your popcorn and curl up for story time!

First Time: James

Location: Spain

Age: 13

In the village where James lived, there was a road that forked and lead to a cul-de-sac on one side and out toward some fields on the other. The fork was flanked on either side by tall walls and in the middle of the fork between the walls, was a perfect hiding place for teenage boys seeking mischief!

James and his friends decided to grab their martini fixings and lil Mary Jane and head for the confines of their “hiding” place

Unfortunately, their little niche was not as private as they had hoped in the small village they called home. Just as soon as James had popped his ganja cherry, the police could be heard approaching and calling them out by name, but instead of giving into their fate, the boys decided to book it….over the walls and into the field. James eventually made his way through the fields to his home, but had to explain his muddied and torn clothes to the folks. He decided it was better to defend a make believe fist fight than explain he was running from the cops and smoking weed!

First Time: Elizabeth

Location: The Deep South, US

Age: 17

After meeting up with some friends for a movie at the local cineplex, Elizabeth and her friends were hanging out around the car in the parking lot and passing around a spliff, getting completely baked. It wasn’t long before management from the theater ventured into the parking lot to tell them to take the party elsewhere.

Much to their credit, the teenagers decided they were too high to drive and began to walk to a local fast food restaurant

Two hours later, the group found themselves still walking down the side of a two lane road headed out of town. When they got to the city limit sign, the crew sat down around the sign and began arguing over what type of food they wanted. The discussion apparently did not get very far because the majority of the group was found asleep around the city limit sign the next morning. Luckily, the deputy who found them chalked it up to underage drinking and small town teenage antics and walked them back to their parents’ doors.

First Time: Avery

Location: California

Age: 38

Avery had “tried” marijuana a few times in his youth, but had never properly inhaled. At 38, he was invited to light up a bowl with a group of co-workers at an extended happy hour excursion. With a few seasoned stoners to show him the ropes, Avery was able to get the full ganja experience. Avery was so laid back in fact, that as his inhibitions fell, so did he….madly in love with his now wife of 11 years. Avery and his bride had worked together for five years prior to that fateful night and neither had conjured enough courage to speak to the other.

Turns out, a lit bowl was all they needed to spark up a little conversation and a lot of romance!

Avery describes their conversation that night as the turning point in his life. Before that night, Avery never felt like he could open up to anyone in a real way, as though none of his relationships reached beyond the surface. It’s a reefer romance!

First Time: Keller

Location: Texas

Age: 26

By the time Keller had finished college and started her career, she’d had very little time to explore marijuana. As an executive with a local ad agency, Keller had worked hard to establish a career and climb to the top of the advertising world only to be diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 26. Despite living in a prohibitionist state, her doctor was forward thinking enough to recommend that she try cannabis as a treatment option to help with muscle spasms and pain.

In fact, her doctor was progressive enough to even point her in the direction of a reputable supplier for medical grade marijuana

After procuring her product, Keller arranged for a quiet night at home to explore her newly found ganja treatment. Keller describes her first time as mind blowing. Her pain was almost immediately relieved and she was in complete control of her hands for the first time in months.

First Time: Richard

Location: Oregon

Age: 64

Richard has rheumatoid arthritis and gout that cause him severe pain and limit his day to day functions. Richard was prescribed medical marijuana first time smokingto help treat his conditions but he didn’t bargain on the munchies that come along with the ride!

Richard says he had never tasted food so good as the food he ate that night

He says his wife has been making the same baked chicken for 30 years but he never enjoyed it as much as he did the first night he consumed cannabis. He ate almost an entire chicken and a bowlful of green beans and half a chocolate cake, all of which he said were so phenomenally foodgasmic that he now feels food pales in comparison when he isn’t high. Richard felt the pain relief was great, but the munchies are what keeps him coming back.

**Names have been changed to protect the privacy of those sharing their story.**

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