Pairing Farmer’s Market Finds with Your Favorite Cannabis Strains

Best strains to pair with your farmer's market finds

The change in seasons and warmer weather brings an abundance of fresh produce and farmer’s markets full of seasonal finds. For those who are fans of farmer’s markets, creating fresh dishes out of locally-sourced and organic produce offers a way to create culinary masterpieces in the kitchen.

If you’re a cannabis consumer who loves to cook with fresh farmer’s market finds, pairing cannabis with the produce and other food you purchase is an exciting way to bring something different to the table. Cannabis and food are already the perfect match and finding a strain that complements your meal’s aroma and flavors is an excellent way to pair your farmer’s market finds with your kitchen creations.

How to Pair Farmer’s Market Finds with Your Favorite Cannabis Strains

Pairing farmer’s market finds with your favorite cannabis strains all comes down to the flavor and aroma profile of that strain, specifically the terpenes present in it. Terpenes are what gives different strains their unique flavor and aroma. And just like cannabis, food also has a unique terpene profile.

Myrcene is found in mango and lemongrass, limonene is found in lemons and other citrus fruits, and you’ll find pinene in dill, rosemary, and parsley. Not only are all these common foods you’ll find at the farmer’s market, but each of these terpenes is common in various cannabis strains.

Pairing your farmer’s market produce and other local finds with your favorite cannabis strains can truly be amazing. The complement each brings to the other will take your dining experience to a higher level indeed.

Fresh Lemon Dishes Paired with Super Lemon Haze

Limonene is found in lemonsThink of the lemony, citrus strains bursting with fresh flavor and aroma. Super Lemon Haze might come to mind, a strain bursting with the terpene limonene. Lemons are also full of this highly therapeutic terpene, making the two a perfect pair. The next time you pick up those fresh lemons at the farmer’s market for that creamy lemon pasta you’ve been meaning to make, try pairing it with Super Lemon Haze to enhance your dining experience. 

Fresh, Ripe Berries Paired with Strawberry Cough and Blueberry

One of the best things about farmer’s markets could be the abundance of summer berries bountiful this time of year. Nothing says summer like fresh strawberries that can be used in countless dishes you create. And nothing says sweet, strawberry sativa-dominant Strawberry Cough. Winner of Best Flower in the 2013 Cannabis Cup, Strawberry Cough is a soft, sweet tasting strain with unmistakable hints of strawberry flavor.

Strawberries can be found at your local farmer's marketPairing Strawberry Cough with a strawberry, feta, spinach salad is the perfect way to start off a summer dinner. The uplifting cerebral high of this strain is awesome for initiating great conversations and perfect for social situations. And the taste of fresh, ripe strawberries is a natural complement to the strawberry, feta, spinach salad.

The berries you find at the farmer’s market also make some incredible desserts. At the end of your meal, a strawberry crumble or blueberry crisp will pair perfectly with evening-use recommended, indica-dominant Blueberry, winner of 2000 Cannabis Cup for Best Indica and Best Strain

Overall, this sweet and slightly tart strain will accompany almost any berry-dominant dessert. Washington, California, and Oregon are the primary cherry producing states and all home to legal cannabis laws. A tart-cherry pie will strongly complement just a hit or two of potent Blueberry that is best suited for tranquil evening use.

Pure Kush Paired with Wild, Organic Mushrooms

Wild mushrooms are a good dinner optionSome local farmer’s markets offer things you normally wouldn’t buy, say like varietals of wild, organic mushrooms you might not normally cook with. Mushrooms are delicious with a quick sauté in butter but can also be made into amazing stocks that are great over steak or pasta.

Farmer’s market mushrooms pair great with strains high in myrcene, a terpene with earthy, musky notes that offers a noted sense of relaxation. Pure Kush has a distinct dank, earthy aroma that is the perfect accompaniment to any dish made with mushrooms.

Whether served as a stock over steak or a portabella stuffed with salmon, the flavor profile of your dish will be enhanced by musky Pure Kush. This strain is known for its heavily sedating effects, however, so it might be best for dinner and movie at home where you can melt comfortably into the couch.

Durban Poison Paired with Vegetable Kabobs and Fennel

Not all dinners during summer are meant to be enjoyed while couchlocked with a strong indica, however. Long summer nights call for sativa strains that will keep you energized and enjoying warm evenings outside. Durban Poison is a musky, citrusy sativa that offers an uplifting, energetic high that is perfect for staying up late on warm summer nights.

This landrace sativa pairs well with vegetable kabobs on the grill or fish finished with a squeeze of fresh lemon. Aside from limonene that offers subtle citrus hints, Durban Poison is known for a classic dank aroma with an evident aroma of licorice.

Fennel is something that pairs surprisingly well with licorice and is a great accompany Durban Poison. Either sautéed in butter and tossed with fresh stewed farmer’s market tomatoes or added to soups and stews, fennel will pair great with Durban Poison on those summer evenings you want to stay outside long after the sun goes down.

It’s always a nice to get to the farmer’s market early when produce and other items haven’t been picked through by others. Start your day off before the farmer’s market with a few hits of a powerful wake and bake strain like Green Crack or Jack Herer. They both offer awesome energy, perfect for strolling up and down aisles while you browse all the deliciousness local vendors have to offer. Even better, you know there’s bound to be some delish morning munchies like fresh scones and muffins.

Pairing foods you find at the farmer’s market with cannabis is a creative way to get cooking this summer and enhance all this awesome time of year has to offer.

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