Election Stress + Smoking Your Whole Stash = Way Too High

Welcome to election season

From the seasoned smoker to the doobie newbie, finding yourself too high happens on occasion. A lot of this has to do with the circumstances: what you’ve eaten, whether you’re drinking alcohol, your choice between a bowl or the stress of the fate of America. And, naturally, sometimes the hits just hit harder than others.

So what should you do when you want to be at a ten, but you find yourself at an eighty-seven? Maybe doing nothing and letting it pass works for you. But, if not, the following remedies might help your high get a little lower:

Know Your Limits

Yes, it sounds downright preachy, as if a progressive Nancy Reagan turned her Just Say No Campaign into Just Say No More. Still, knowing your limits is a great way to avoid any kind of uncomfortable situation.

This is particularly true if you’re new to marijuana or ingesting edibles for the first time.

Unlike smoking, edibles don’t kick in right away: typically, it takes around an hour or longer to feel their effects.

This often leads people to pop more sour gummies or slurp on more suckers, believing they haven’t taken enough. It’s a great way to set yourself up for a crazy pot high (and a sugar one, to boot). Instead, start with a relativelyAmerica themed cupcake low dose – 5 mg or 10mg – and give it time to kick in.

Marijuana, no matter how its ingested, is something you should ease into. You wouldn’t break your alcohol cherry by downing a handle of Everclear. You’d start with Boone’s Farm like everyone else. Think of pot the same way.

Don’t Freak Out

Pot elicits panic in many people when they over do it. Suddenly, you convince yourself thatNaked Donald Trump Donald Trump is making himself a turkey sandwich naked in your kitchen. But, while your imagination might tell you otherwise, cannabis isn’t exactly a drug people overdose on.

The symptoms you feel from a too powerful high are temporary – remember that. They’ll dissipate within minutes or hours without causing long-term damage. It’s not heroin, after all.

Drink Liquids

Just as when you end up too drunk, hydrating is a good way to calm your body. Still, your choice in fluid is important: water or juice are best.

Try to stay away from things like coffee or soda (or anything with caffeine)

Downing a bottle of pinot with your pot is also not smart: alcohol can increase the levels of THC in your blood. Hydrating will even help you avoid dry mouth, aka the feeling that you’ve chugged a bucket of sand.

Reach for the Black Pepper

The black pepper trick has been around for years: some people swear by it; others don’t think it’s worth its salt. You’ll have to see for yourself. The next time your high is a bit too lofty, reach for the BP. To get relief, either sniff or chew a couple black peppercorns

The science behind this phenomenon is interesting. Pepper and cannabis have chemical traits very similar to one another.

Pepper, like cannabis, has been used to help people with pain, depression, and anxiety

The terpenoids in pepper work with the tetrahydrocannabinol in marijuana in a synergizing manner, ultimately producing a calming effect.

Pile of black pepperWhile pepper is a good idea, mangos are not: it’s rumored that this fruit actually accentuates a high. Some swear this is true, while naysayers claim it’s merely a myth. Even so, the vitamin A in a mango could potentiate THC. Thus, they’re best avoided if you’re already too stoned, even if the rumor is merely blowing smoke.

Take a Bath or a Shower

Depending where you are, jumping into a warm bath isn’t always doable: it turns out, the folks at Home Depot don’t like when you bring your rubber ducky and Head and Shoulders into the display tub. But if you’re at home, a bath or shower can help calm your senses and bring you down to reality. If you’re super sleepy, a shower is obviously safer…..or at least a bath with a lifeguard on duty.

Look for Distractions

The surest way to feel too high is to focus on your high; it’s all you think about as your brains does the butterfly stroke inside your skull. Finding a distraction, on the other hand, can take the edge off a little bit. You might try watching a movie, eating a meal, coloring (yes, it sounds so “seven-year-old” but it’s oddly therapeutic), chatting on the phone,

Or making sense of any speech Donald Trump has ever given

Chances are, many of your friends would like to play poker, given your present state. As long you played for money, that is.

Taking a walk outside is also a good idea. This isn’t to say you should go for a five-mile hike into the woods or climb a fourteener, but a stroll through your neighborhood can do wonders. Sometimes, a little fresh air fixes everything.

Sleep it Off

If Taylor Swift’s target audience were tokers instead of tweens, her song lyrics would probably change: “Blazers gonna blaze, blaze, blaze, blaze, blaze. Baby, I’m just gonna sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep. I sleep it off, I sleep it off.” In short, maybe snoozing is the best thing you can do.

If you’re unable to fall asleep, your mind has grown a mind of its own, try simple relaxation:

Lay down, breathe deeply, and focus all of your concentration on an object in the room

In the end, there are other avenues. If nothing works and the anxiety you feel is too much to bear, seeking medical help is always an option. But beware – having a friend drive you to the hospital is much cheaper than calling an ambulance. Turns out, they’re a bit more expensive than an Uber.

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