I tried out the E-Clipse dry herb vaporizer that NY Vape Shop sent us. Admittedly, it’s a device I’d never heard of before and didn’t immediately recognize as a vape. The device sat in my living room for about a week while various guests asked, “what IS that?” It’s unassuming but gets the job done at the very least.

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Look and design 5/5

I am a fan of the look and design of this vaporizer. I love anything small and discreet, and this easily fits those qualifications. It’s black with just the name and logo, an on and off button, and temperature arrows. The portable and lightweight aspects of this device are what really make me enjoy using it.

They did a great job of designing a small device that does exactly what you would expect from a vape and nothing more. The box it comes in fits the minimal design, as it’s just a small black box with the name and logo. There’s nothing fancy about this, though they did manage to make it look sophisticated.

E-Clipse Source: Wikileaf

Build quality 3.5/5

I really like how small and portable this vaporizer is. It fits in the palm of my hand, reminding me of a key fob. I appreciate that it is both lightweight and sleek, allowing for discreet use in the right places. However, there are a few downsides to the build. First, it doesn’t stand up on its own. This is not a huge deal as it can lay on its side just fine, but it’s worth noting the slight inconvenience. Those used to setting their vapes upright after a session will have to readjust to this flaw.

The mouthpiece also gets too hot for my comfort, and way too fast. Now, they’ve worked around this issue by providing two mouthpiece options: the standard flat mouthpiece and a longer, glass, straw-like mouthpiece that doesn’t get as hot. Some may find the glass mouthpiece to be beneficial, but the look of it bothers me because it doesn’t seem to fit with the overall design.

If the flat mouthpiece was just a little longer or designed slightly differently, I can imagine it wouldn’t heat up as quickly. Plus, I prefer the flat mouthpiece because I tend to break glass easily. It’s worth noting that the vaporizer is extremely easy to assemble because it’s got such a simple build.

It’s pretty much ready to use and apart from swapping out the mouthpiece or replacing the silicon rings around the mouthpiece as needed, it requires very little work.

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Hit/high experience 8/10

E-Clipse vaporizer Source: Wikileaf
I have mixed feelings about this aspect of the vaporizer. First, I’m very impressed by how quickly it heats up. Seriously, I turned it on and maybe 30 seconds went by before it was hot and ready to use. I vaped CBD flower and quickly felt relaxed. I was a little annoyed by how the mouthpiece was getting so warm on the very first hit, but whatever. It produced pretty good vapor. Nothing to write home about, but it certainly wasn’t off-putting either.

The temperature ranges between 300 and 435 degrees Fahrenheit, so I started at the lowest and moved my way up. At around 300-350 degrees Fahrenheit, I was pretty satisfied with the vapor. This device uses a ceramic heating chamber which results in a pretty pure flavor.

When I adjusted the temperature to the max, it produced large amounts of vapor though this meant sacrificing some flavor. Overall, the different temperatures maintained a smooth vapor that was easy on the throat.

Maintenance and longevity 5/5

I’ll be upfront. I’ve dropped this sucker many times and it doesn’t even have a scratch. If the glass mouthpiece was attached, I may be in a different position, but I have to commend the durability of this device. It comes with everything you need to clean it, which is basically just a small cleaning brush and a scraper. Since it’s so simple to use and set up, it’s no surprise cleaning it is easy as well.

Like all other aspects of this vaporizer, the battery life is good but nothing special. I’m not someone who keeps a vaporizer with me at all times, so this would not be an issue for me though maybe others would want a more heavy-duty device. Regardless, this will stay charged all day or even several days depending on your use. That’s pretty impressive battery life for such a small and modest device.

Final thoughts on the E-Clipse Vaporizer: 4.3/5.0

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with this little device. I prefer simplicity, so I would opt for this device over other vaporizers with tons of preferences. I’m not raving about it, but it really does get the job done and for under $200, what more could you want?

It’s a great bang for your buck if you just want a small, discreet device that will produce quality vapor. I would never give this to a friend who already uses another vaporizer (unless they thought their vaporizer had too many functions) because I think it’s inferior to a lot of devices out there.

But if someone was looking to try vaporizing dry herbs for the first time? You bet I’d tell them to try the E-Clipse, especially if they’re not trying to break the bank.