Roses are red, violets are blue, and cannabis comes in green, orange, purple, and even pink hues. 

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That’s right — pink weed strains exist. 

They may not be as bright as begonias, but certain cannabis strains definitely blush. Keep reading to find out why weed can appear pink and which strains to look out for if you want to taste or grow pink weed yourself. 

What Makes Cannabis Pink

Here’s the short answer: genetics and environment determine a weed strain’s color (photo editing will do the trick, too). But pink weed is real, and it doesn’t need a filter. 

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Cannabis plants bloom flowers, and all flowers get their color from pigment-producing chemicals called anthocyanins and carotenoids. Put simply, a plant’s DNA directs color generation, and the most prevalent colors a plant expresses are the ones that help it thrive in its environment. 

When it comes to cannabis, some evidence suggests that plants with violet or purple pigmentation developed this phenotype in response to cooler weather or intense exposure to direct, bright sunlight. Researchers observe that pigmentation also attracts pollinators, critical allies in the preservation of plant species. 

There’s another important group attracted to brightly colored cannabis — humans! Pretty pink weed attracts human cultivation (that’s why you’re reading this, after all). Domestic cultivation is largely responsible for the preservation and popularization of pink cannabis strains. 

Cannabis flower with many colors Source: Shutterstock

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Does pigmentation enhance the quality your high? In  other words, is purple or pink-tinted weed more potent than plain-jane green buds? There is evidence suggesting that flavenoids, the large family of chemicals responsible for pigment, can produce beneficial effects on cardiovascular, brain, liver, kidney, and pancreas health. 

However, this research focuses on ingesting pigments in conventional produce (like the fruit salad you’re having for lunch), not the impact of inhaling vaporized or combusted plant pigment or the way these chemicals interact with cannabinoids. 

It’s unclear if brightly colored cannabis strains are more potent than less visually striking ones. This is still an emerging area of research for cannabinoid scientists who continue to explore the synergistic relationship between cannabinoids and other chemicals housed in the cannabis plant, including flavenoids.       

6 Pink Cannabis Strains 

Just as cannabis growers breed for chemical potency, people can intervene in weed’s growth process to make it look a certain way. If you want to grow pink weed, check out the following six pink strains to clone or grow from seed.  

1. Pink Kush

a closeup of the Pink Kush marijuana bud Source: Shutterstock

A descendent of the beloved OG Kush, Pink Kush is an indica-dominant pink treat containing an average THC content of 22 percent and trace amounts of CBD. Pink Kush fans recommend night consumption as this strain promotes physical and mental relaxation conducive to sleep. Medical marijuana patients benefit from Pink Kush’s therapeutic benefits, including pain, nausea, and migraine relief. 

2. Pink Panties

It’s believed that legendary cannabis breeder and father of Gelato strains, Mr. Sherbinski, crossed a Burmese and a Florida Kush plant to create the legendary Pink Panties. Night consumption is ideal for this indica-dominant beauty. An average of 24 percent along with its myrcene content can create a sedative experience suitable for pain relief, enhanced sleep, and relaxation.   

3. Pink Mango

Vibrant pink pistils and a fruity aroma give Pink Mango it’s tropical name. A sativa-dominant hybrid, this strain averages around 21 percent THC and dominant terpenes myrcene and limonene. You may experience energizing effects that support focused creativity, socialization, and increased appetite. Pink Mango is soothing, but the high won’t necessarily lead to sleep. In fact, this strain may be suitable for your pre-workout routine.   

4. Pink Berry

A cross between Pink Champagne and Blackberry, Pink Berry is an indica-dominant hybrid with an average THC test of 21 percent. Cold weather during the flowering phase may cause Pink Berry to express a lovely violet coloring in the buds. Pink Berry’s therapeutic effects are delivered in a fruity, grape-scented aroma. Fans of Pink Berry report relief from depression, pain, anxiety, and appetite loss. 

5. Predator Pink 

A rare creation of Exotic Genetix, Predator Pink is a brightly colored and chemically balanced cross between Plushberry and Starfighter. While most “pink” strains are more purple, you’ll spot tantalizing hints of fuschia speckled throughout Predator Pink buds. A slightly indica-dominant hybrid, Predator Pink contains an average of 17 percent THC and the energy-boosting terpene pinene. Users claim that Predator Pink is suitable for daytime consumption, promoting focus, creativity, and positivity. As the high wears down, a gentle sedation can invite sleep if desired.    

6. Pure Kush

An indica-dominant strain, Pure Kush averages 24 percent THC and contains an abundance of myrcene, a powerful sedation-enhancer. Medical marijuana patients suffering from chronic pain gravitate toward this strain because of its powerful sedative effects. Nighttime consumption is preferable as Pure Kush will hold your body and mind in a cannabinoid-terpenoid embrace, easing the mind and body into deep rest.  

How to Grow Pink Weed 

If you want to grow pink weed, choose seeds from one of the strains listed here. Genetics are the most important factor when trying to cultivate bud with a specific phenotype.  You can potentially enhance a strain’s coloration by exposing it to cooler nighttime temperatures, but some strains will change color regardless of temperature changes (while some won’t change at all). 

Ask the breeder you purchased your seeds or clone from about optimal temperatures for color expression and give that feedback a try. If you’ve got experience growing pink weed or can name strains that aren’t on this list, we’d love to hear from you. Drop some knowledge in the comments below!