It’s hard to visit Seattle without stopping by the Space Needle – it’s the proverbial tourist attraction that’s difficult to pass up when you’re seeing the sights of the city. An icon of the Pacific Northwest, it draws over 20,000 visitors a day….maybe even you.dispensaries near the Space Needle

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The point of the Space Needle is to serve as an observation deck

from the structure, you can see downtown Seattle, the Olympic and Cascade Mountain Ranges, Elliot Bay and the islands, Mount Rainer, and Mount Baker. Of course, the Space Needle is also the star of Seattle’s skyline: it’s the centerfold in many of the postcards mailed by visitors to Washington State.

Dispensaries Nearest the Space Needle

But, what about cannabis? Until there’s a pot dispensary at the very top of the Space Needle (how about it, investors?), you’ll have to settle for a dispensary near you. And some of these include: Herban Legends: is located at 55 Bell St., Seattle, 98121 – it’s the first recreational weed shop in Belltown and a five-minute drive from the Space Needle (as well as a five-minute walk to Pike Place). They strive to provide the “coolest pot experience that anyone will ever have anywhere.”

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They  have a special affinity for the local community and work to support artists and musicians in any manner they can

They embrace the idea that pot and art are intrinsically linked. Pot Shop Seattle: is located at 1628 Dexter Ave N., Seattle, 98109. With a name like “Pot Shop,” there’s no confusion about what they sell (nope, not pots and pans). Their reputation is one of friendly, knowledgeable employees who are particularly good at working with novices. They offer affordable prices and a lot of variety. If you’re a seasoned smoker, they’ll work to help you find something new (if that’s your thing).Space needle Have a Heart Belltown/Downtown Seattle: is located at 115 Blanchard Street, Seattle, 98121. They’re just a few blocks from the Space Needle (so a few minutes walk or fifteen minutes in the glorious, glorious Seattle traffic) and they’re surrounded by a slew of restaurants (something you’ll want when the good old munchies come roaring).

Have a Heart offers a wide selection of flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, and topicals

Hashtag: is located at 3540 Stone Way N., Seattle, 98103. They’re family owned and operated and act as a recreational/medical dispensary as well as an educational resource. Whether you don’t know much about cannabis or know so much you’re planning to name your unborn son “Herb,” the staff goes out of their way to meet your needs.

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Some Fun Facts About the Space Needle 

In case you’re not sure if you should visit the Space Needle (and hit up some of the pot shops nearby), consider some of these fun facts:

The top of the Space Needle is 605 feet high, not high enough to give you altitude sickness, but high enough to leave anyone afraid of heights wishing they had on a parachute.
The concrete foundation of the structure goes 30 feet into the ground.
The lot where the Space Needle sits was sold for 75,000 back in 1961.
The entire thing was built in just 400 days – it had to be in order to be part of the World’s Fair in 1962.
There are 848 steps from the basement’s floor to the top of the Observation Deck – see, you don’t need to join a gym!
The Space Needle, at the time it was built, had the distinction of being the tallest building west of the Mississippi River.
The structure is designed to withstand winds that reach 200 miles per hour. But this doesn’t mean it doesn't move – for every 10 miles per hour of wind, it sways about an inch. Occasionally during high winds, parts of the building are closed down for safety reasons.
The Space Needle wasn’t always called the Space Needle – it was originally called the “Space Cage.”
Each elevator can carry 25 people – the elevators weigh 14,000 pounds (that’s more than an elephant).

Of course, you don’t have to be visiting the Space Needle to take advantage of the marijuana scene in Seattle. Washington was the second state to legalize (they legalized about thirty seconds after Colorado); thus, they have a head start on many of the other newly-legal states. Next time you’re in town, take a toke around and see if you find something that you like.