The University of Washington (often referred to as UW or “U-Dub” if you’re super hip) is a research university located in Seattle. It was established in 1861 (to appreciate how long ago that was, 1861 was the year that the Civil War broke out). In short, it’s one of the oldest universities on the West Coast. It’s also quite reputable – it’s often ranked highly and it’s known especially for its medical school, its business, it's engineering, its law, and its statistics program.

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The college is also famous for its sustainability – in 2006, it chartered a program ensuring that all of the university’s electricity came from renewable sources

It’s a member of the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment, a pact which tracks UW’s greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprints. The university has a special interest in organic food to – The Student Housing and Food Services focuses on natural and locally produced foods. cannabis dispensaries near University of Washington Overall, the university is ranked among the top fifteen colleges in the world in sustainability. As far as cannabis goes, U-Dub (see, I’m super hip) has plenty of students down with dope. But that doesn’t mean the authorities advocate for use in the quad or the dorm rooms. According to their Health Center, marijuana on-campus (including medical marijuana) isn’t allowed anywhere (not for students, employees, or the general public). Any student caught smoking on campus is subject to punishment. This depends on the severity of the “crime” but it can range from probation to suspension, dismissal to criminal charges. Off campus, the abstaining laws can’t be enforced: Washington is a legal state both for medical and recreational pot (so there!). It is illegal, however, to drive while under the influence. Good thing you live in a college town – you can walk everywhere. You can even walk to nearby dispensaries. Just, again, be sure you don’t bring the goods to campus. Or, if you do, do it subtly – skipping and holding hands with Mary Jane through the student union might get you noticed. Hide her in your backpack instead.

Dispensaries closest to the University of Washington

American Mary is a recreational dispensary located at 321 NE 45 St., Seattle, 98105. Per its site, the store is “Seattle’s Highest Rated Marijuana shop.” They don’t accept vertical IDs, so beware if you have a funky looking driver’s license. They carry a wide range of products, including those from Dutch Bros, Green Haven, North Coast Concentrates, Northwest Pearl, Marley Naturals, and Kiona. They also offer Wax Oz. Recreational is sometimes referred to as “ounce” – it’s located at 3831 Stone Way N, Seattle, 98103. Oz is Fremont’s oldest licensed cannabis shop – it’s open 363 days a year (it’s closed on Christmas and New Year’s Day). It also sells a wide selection of flowers, edibles, joints, and gear. Hashtag is a recreational dispensary located at 3540 Stone Way N, Seattle 98103 (close enough that it and Oz. can rumble like pot stores stuck in a scene from West Side Story). They pride themselves on being “Seattle’s recreational cannabis” neighborhood destination for quality. cannabis dispensaries near the University of Washington They offer flowers, edibles, concentrates, and paraphernalia (including bongs, grinders, bubblers, and vape pens) and they’re focused on helping customers find whatever product is appropriate for them. New products are introduced on a weekly basis. Ruckus is a recreational dispensary located at 1465 E. Republican Street, Seattle, 98112. Ruckus, according to their site, was “founded with an eccentric spirit and an ambitious goal: to deliver a retail experience unlike any other!” The store features the largest selection of Clean Green Certified products in all of Washington.

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Clean Green is a program that requires on-site inspections and third-party lab testing

It’s “modeled on national and international sustainability, organic and biodynamic standards.” Uncle Ike is everyone’s favorite relative! The shop is located at 501 15th Ave E, Seattle, 98112. They host many events and have a site with a fun FAQ section. Some of the questions include: “If I consume one of your edibles, will I call 911 on myself?” and “Is this a setup?” Spoiler alert: both answers are “no.” Uncle Ike is involved in the LGBTQ community. They support Entre Hermanos, a program that “promotes the health and well-being of the Latino Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning community in a culturally appropriate environment through disease prevention, education, support services, advocacy and community building.” Whether you’re a student at the University of Washington or just someone who lives near campus, the above shops are worth your patronage. Just be careful where you imbibe – if you’re getting your buzz on before Chem 101, consider ways that are subtler than smoke. Eat ‘em if you got ‘em.