Cannabis Dispensaries Near the Presidio in San Francisco

Dispensaries near the presidio

The Presidio in San Francisco was designated a National Historic Landmark back in 1962 (and a California Historical Landmark back in 1933), but its history extends to long before that. It was under Mexican rule until the mid-1800s when the US Army took it over. They then transformed it into a military post, which it remained as until the 1989 military reduction program began – it went into the hands of the National Park Service five years later. In the present day, it’s no longer a post, but a vital part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

The Presidio Trust was created in 1996 and it was mandated that the Presidio become financially self-sufficient by the year 2013. It did so by 2005

The park itself is a popular tourist destination: from the densely forested areas to the views of the San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge, it’s a mainstay of visitors and photographers alike. It also offers views of the Pacific Ocean, something you can get from other parts of California (as well as additional states), but not always from such scenic footing.

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Activities Near the Presidio

There’s a variety of things to do at the Presidio – you can bike, walk, or tour the nearly 800 buildings. If you’re a history buff, the Presidio offers plenty, from plaques honoring the Buffalo Soldiers (regiments of all-Dispensaries Near the Presidio in San FranciscoAfrican American cavalries that formed after Congress passed a law allowing African Americans to enlist in the peacetime military) to the first cemetery for military veterans on the West Coast, from military architecture to former barracks. If you’re an artist or a fan of art, the Presidio offers The Palace of Fine Arts as well as the Letterman Digital Arts Center. The latter is especially interesting if you’re into Star Wars.

There’s Sunday picnics too, family events filled with food trucks, music, games, and – clearly most importantly – cocktails.

One thing the Presidio requires is walking….and lots of it

This means a few things. First of all, wear comfortable shoes that won’t give you blisters. Wear your Fitbit to – your steps almost don’t count without it! And, if you’re going to imbibe in cannabis before venturing inside, consider staying away from heavy indicas. The park isn’t as fun when you curl up under a tree and sleep the afternoon away.

Pot Near the Presidio

So, what if you do plan to imbibe but forget your stash? Rest assured, there’s plenty of pot shops near the Presidio for your enjoyment. And some of these include:

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Harvest on Geary: is located at 4811 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, 94118. It employs the tagline “Farm to Feeling.” Per its website, it focuses on all-natural products, flowers that are tested inside independent labs, and a hands-on-experience (customers are encouraged to browse, touch, and ask a lot of questions).

Harvest on Geary offers a great value program

one that allows you to get 5% store credit with every purchase, $20 dollars store credit when you bring a friend and a 10% discount for becoming a member of the Harvest Lounge. It offers extra discounts at their bi-monthly “Farmer’s Market” and 10% off every purchase for anyone over 60 years of age or any military veterans.

2ONE2: is located at 212 California Street, San Francisco, 94111. It offers a variety of products with a focus on oils. Per its website, the company are “purveyors of the finest oils on the planet.” They boast “whole plant extraction” and “terpene rich” results. They also never use petroleum solvents, butane, or alcohol in the extraction process.

Grass Roots Collective is located at 1077 Post Street, San Francisco, 94109 (though they also make house calls). They’ve been in business supporting the therapeutic advantages of cannabis for years.

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They recognize cannabis as a “miracle herb” and advocate that it’s good for both the “mind and the body.”

They offer a wide selection and a staff always ready to answer questions.

Treehouse SF: is a medical marijuana delivery service that serves South San Francisco. In order to get a delivery, you must have a valid medical marijuana card (California medical marijuana laws are more liberal than in other states as they recognize the advantage of “weed on wheels” for Cannabis Dispensaries Near the Presidio in San Franciscopeople using medical marijuana to deal with chronic pain or the effects of serious disease). There are many medical marijuana delivery services throughout California, with most of them having very limited delivery areas.

Bay Area Safe Alternatives aka BASA: this company is known as “San Francisco’s Premium Cannabis Deliver and Dispensary.” However, per their site, their delivery is temporarily suspended. Those able to go in person can still visit. They’re located at 1326 Grove St., San Francisco, 94117.

Once the red tape is cut, recreational shops will open near the Presidio too. Stay tuned for more…

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