Let’s talk about the DaVinci IQ, a small but powerful dry herb vaporizer with a lot to offer. The device was released a few years back, but I just got the chance to try it out and it will now sit high on my list of favorite dry herb vaporizers.

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Look and Design - 5/5

The vaporizer itself is very small, fitting into the palm of my hand comfortably without disappearing. It’s short and wide and despite its small size, it packs some weight and feels very sturdy. It has a nice and simple rectangular shape with a subtle dip at the top.

The device is very stylish and sophisticated and I like all of the color options like blue and gunmetal, although the stealth black option is also impressively sleek. I am pretty impartial to using buttons and having some sort of display to explain what exactly it is I’m doing, so there is something really nice about the IQ’s display system.

The front of the device is just a series of little dots that light up in different ways to convey temperature settings and other messages to the user in a very intuitive way.

DaVinci IQ Source: Wikileaf

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Build quality - 4.5/5

I had the same problem with the DaVinci as I did with the Pax 3. Maybe I’m just finicky but I found the device would get uncomfortably warm after turning it up to higher temperatures, making me not want to hold it in my hands or use it. This is a little counterintuitive because in seeking an answer for why this thing gets so warm, I found a statement from the company suggesting that holding it in your hands helps to absorb the heat and cool off the device.

Well, that makes sense and I am not worried it’s going to explode. It’s just the reality of making such a small vaporizer capable of reaching high temperatures. I don’t want to have to hold it constantly, but I can acknowledge it would be very useful in a group setting where it’s not going to be set down on the table to continue to produce heat.

Apart from the high heat, I appreciate that it takes under a minute to heat up to the highest temperature and is quick to toggle between settings. The temperature of the device is probably my biggest hangup and I find the rest of its build to be great. It’s sturdy and not too bulky while being the right size to comfortably fit in my hands.

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Hit/High Experience - 10/10

I used the flat mouthpiece on this device, though there are longer mouthpieces for those that prefer to use them. Because the device dips at the top where the mouthpiece is, I thought the flat mouthpiece was a little funny to use and would have been easier if the top were truly flat. No big deal though. The actual experience was very pleasant.

There is a variety of temperatures to choose from and I found the third pre-set option to be nice and comfortable. I didn’t spend too much time with the other modes available, like boost mode which heats it to the max to produce the biggest vapor.

It has a pretty large bowl which is great for those who want to stock up and not have to refill often, but others who don’t want to pack the bowl full may benefit from using the spacers, an accessory designed to reduce the size for smaller sessions.

And then there’s the flavor chamber, a section to add aromatic and flavorful herbs to enhance the experience. You can add cannabis, or get creative with other herbs or spices like lavender, cloves, or ginger. I didn’t try this out but I imagine it could be a fun way to literally spice up your session. Overall, I thought the DaVinci provided a very smooth and comfortable delivery.

The heat from the device wasn’t so powerful it hurt my lips or anything like that, and the vapor produced at each setting ranged from almost nothing to pretty thick without ever becoming uncomfortably harsh.

Maintenance and Longevity - 4.5/5

DaVinci IQ review Source: Wikileaf
This device is pretty simple to maintain and keep in good shape with just a few steps. They make it easy to care for as well, including a chimney brush, multi-tool, and alcohol wipes in the kit. Cleaning consists of clearing out the chamber and keeping it free from used herbs and soaking or wiping down additional parts in alcohol.

It shouldn’t give anyone too much of a hard time or be a major inconvenience. The battery life is nothing special but it will last somewhere between an hour or two, giving users plenty of time to enjoy. It comes with a rechargeable and replaceable battery, so users could also choose to swap it out immediately and extend their session.

Charging the battery takes around three hours or more to complete which is not super impressive considering it only lasts about half of that time. Still, it’s an easy micro USB charger and the lights on the display will keep you updated on the progress.

Final thoughts 4.8/5

The DaVinci IQ is a great vaporizer for anyone who wants a powerful, portable, and relatively discreet device. It may not be ideal for those who just want to take a small hit every now and again, as it’s best to hang on to and have a session rather than set aside and pick back up in a few minutes.

It’s easy to load, clean, and use with simple settings that make it great for beginner vapers or seasoned veterans alike. I found it easy and intuitive to toggle between temperatures without too many options or features in the way, though users who want to be more precise or get more creative with the device can use the smartphone app to customize their smart paths or change other settings.

Newbies and expert vapers alike will find their place with the DaVinci IQ and the high-quality experience it provides.