There are many different options when it comes to the quality of weed. Some buy schwag because it’s the cheapest; some buy mids because the highs are easier to manage; and others like you and me buy that good good, that dank, because we know it’s going to provide a complete experience.

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What is dank weed?

Dank weed, also known as premium or top shelf, refers to extremely well-grown weed that produces the highest quality of aesthetics and effects. Dank looks the best, smells the best, tastes the best, and feels the best.

How much does dank weed cost?

Cannabis prices vary across state-specific markets, but generally an eighth of some top-shelf dank dank is going to hit your pockets for a cool $35 on the low side and range all the way up to $60 on the high side (we see you Cookies, ugh).  It’s important to remember that price does not dictate weed quality. Instead, it comes down to how good the bud looks, smells, and tastes, capped off by exactly how stoned the weed gets you. Sure, for the most part, you’ll end up at the top shelf high price mark when buying dank, but keep your eyes peeled for those cheaper jars from smaller farms that are putting our premium cannabis. You’d be surprised at how many hidden gems are out there.

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What does dank weed look like?

Cannabis comes in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Knowing that, you then know that dank weed can and will look a multitude of ways. Weed can be light green, dark green, purple, or a combination of all three. It can be flushed with orange, red, or pink hairs, depending on the strain and how it’s grown. Overall, what you’re looking for when buying dank comes down to vibrancy. You want those colors to POP through the glass, signifying health and also that those buds are dry as well. If the nuds are dark, dull, and dry, then you are not holding dank weed.

What does dank weed smell like?

LOUD AND STANKY.  The smells you get when you sniff weed jars come from the terpenes in the buds. Terpenes are aromatic oils in cannabis plants that give them their smell, taste, and also influence effects. Citrus; diesel, earthy; skunk; floral; fruity, all of these are ways weed can smell. The stronger the scent, the more dank the weed. If you can’t smell it from a mile away, those buds might be a lil’ middy. And mids are cool, they just aren’t dank.

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What does dank weed taste like?

All you ever hope is that your bud tastes just like it smells. And with dank weed, that is usually less of a worry than schwag or mids. Dank weed tastes the best because it’s grown the best, meaning it maximizes all of the properties of the plant. As mentioned before, the flavor of your weed comes from its terpenes. There’s no way to place a 1:1 relation between terpene and smell or taste, however, experienced smokes may be able to look at the combination of terpenes on a package and guess how it may taste. Dank weed brings forward the most vibrant flavors. And even more than the flavor, what really tells you about the quality is how well it smokes. If the smoke is harsh and flavorless, ultimately making you cough from a scratch throat, that ain’t dank, my friend.

How does dank weed feel?

Schwag will probably give you a headache; mids may smell and taste cool, but ultimately they’ll fall flat on the high. Dank weed though? Dank hits you with that bing bang bam, leaving you potently stoned for hours and hours. So yeah, it might hit you pockets for more, but you’ll also be smoking less frequently due to the long-lasting effects.

Where do you get dank weed?

Because it’s illegal to shop anywhere else, you obviously buy dank weed at the dispensaries. In Oregon, they’ll open the jars and let you peep how the nugs look and smell, but pretty much everywhere else sells closed jars that you have to shop for using the eye test and budtender recommendation. Remember: the quality of weed comes down to the way it looks, smells, tastes, and punches. If the flower has sticky and dense nugs that are flushed with vibrant colors, hairs, and a sea of trichomes; if you barely twist the top off the jar and the skunky smells kick you in nose; if the smoke is smooth, tastes great, and leaves you feeling high as hell for hours on end; then you’ve successfully found some dank weed. Roll up.