Creative Strains to Try: What a Wonderful Idea!

Creative strains to try

Whether you’re born creative or creativity is something that’s developed over time has long been up for debate. Some people argue that certain people come into the world with a creative flair, exiting the womb with an interpretative dance; others claim anyone can turn imagination into reality – it only takes perseverance and effort.

But even if you’ve never fancied yourself the creative type, you’re left-brain all the way, there’s always the possibility that you simply haven’t yet unlocked the right doors inside your brain. And cannabis helps you do that.

What is Creativity?

In its most direct definition, creativity is the ability to create, an act of turning a new idea into a reality. According to Rollo May, the author of The Courage to Create,

“Creativity is the process of bringing something new into being. Creativity requires passion and commitment. It brings to our awareness what was previously hidden and points to a new life. The experience is one of heightened consciousness: ecstasy.”

How People Become Creative

The brain is our most important organ but also the one we know the least about. We know some things, of course. We know that it’s divided into two hemispheres which are joined by fibers called the corpus callosum, for instance. In writers, artists, and others who pursue the typical “right brain” professions, the corpus callosum is smaller. It’s believed that this helps each side of the brain develop its talents.

But, according to the Guardian, the brain’s ability to be creative isn’t only about size: it’s about connectivity as well. And that connectivity may be a result of our DNA.

In a study conducted by the University of Helsinki, researchers discovered that the presence of one cluster of genes led to musical creativity. These genes are known for their ability to reorganize the brain, allowing it to form more connections between cells.

The researchers noted that serotonin levels played a role in creativity too, perhaps explaining why the line between genius and insanity has commonly been so fine

This isn’t to say you’re either creative or you’re a mathlete; there’s all sorts of things people can do to boost their creativity (though they think they might not have any).

Increasing serotonin levels often increases focus and productivity, two important elements of the creative mind. And some of the natural ways to increase this chemical include: eating a diet rich in carbohydrates (Sorry, Atkins); choosing chicken and fish over beef; meditating and engaging in relaxing activities; taking part in a moderate exercise routine; sleeping in regular cycles; and spending time in the sun.

person painting, person using weed for creativitySerotonin levels aside, there are other ways to become more creative. Learning – really learning – about a subject opens doors and broadens your horizons, compounding your creativity at the same time. Other things that help: reading books, articles and just about anything other than the manual to your new Smart TV; taking an art or writing class (you might be a poet and not know it); writing continuously for ten minutes without stopping; and giving your mind a rest – there’s a reason some of the best ideas come to people while they’re doing something mundane, like brushing their teeth or taking a shower.

The Strains of Creativity

If you’re interested in strains that boost your imagination, some work better than others. Stay away from strains that put you right to bed and light up one of these, instead (side bar: I’m a poet and I know it).

Ice Cream: An Indica-dominant strain, Ice Cream is as fun as it sounds. It produces a high that’s uplifting and very heady – users who use it see increased creativity and focus (even when they suffer from things like ADHD). The surge in euphoria eventually gives way to more sedating effects and some laziness. So if you’ve got things to do while smoking these flowers, do them in the hours after you first inhale.

Blue Dream: There’s a reason Blue Dream is the bell of the ball, the big man on campus – bluntly, smokers love it. Its popularity is likely due to balance: it offers cerebral stimulation but physical relaxation. It initially gained popularity on the West Coast, but Coloradoans now dream of Blue Dream too.

Arcata Trainwreck: Sativa-dominant, Arcata Trainwreck is a high THC, low CBD strain. Its potency is reflected in its name. Users report effects a few minutes after inhaling; its gradual high gets some people in trouble – they person taking photos, person using cannabis for creativityassume they haven’t smoked enough, so they smoke more. Users who don’t overdo it experience elation: they’re happy, relaxed, and in a great mood. It boosts creativity as well, making you thrilled to finally sit down and write that novel about zombie vampires.

Super Sour Diesel: Super Sour Diesel – as well as the less exceptionally named Sour Diesel – both help get the creative juices flowing, but Super Sour Diesel hits a little more like a Mack truck. It’s well-known for its potency and not often the best choice for first or second-timers. Unfortunately, it does taste a little like fuel, which anyone who doesn’t savor the taste of Exxon has to get past.

Green Crack: Some people continue to refer to this strain as Cush, its original name before Snoop Dogg changed how it was thought of forever. The feelings it delivers are very sativa-like, with an energetic high and, in some cases, hallucinatory moments. It’s recommended for daytime use rather than times when you need to fall asleep. It does contain indica, but isn’t ideal for unwinding: it’s described as a “wake and bake” strain. It’s also used by those involved in creative projects as it’s rumored to help people focus and think outside of the box.

Creativity, whether or not you’re predisposed to it, is something that needs to be honed. A blunt or two probably won’t turn you into the next Van Gogh, but so what. It might inspire something…..and you’ll get to keep both of your ears.

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