People say there are no stupid questions; those who work in customer service might dare to disagree. Still, the fact remains that people learn by asking and this way of gaining knowledge extends to everything, including marijuana. The average budtender will probably tell you that the questions they get range from straight-forward and obvious to well-researched and difficult. But they come from the same place – people who are broadening their cannabis understanding by going directly to the pros (and then gaining some hands-on experience as well). Some of the most common questions include:

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No, CBD is non-psychoactive so anything that is pure CBD won’t get a person high (it does helps with anxiety and pain, though). However, many things contain THC in addition to CBD – the Harlequin strain, for instance. It certainly won’t get users as high as strains more potent in THC, but most people feel some effects. CBD oil, on the other hand, won’t produce a high at all – if you feel one, you might have grabbed the Everclear instead.

Will holding my hit for as long as possible make me as high as possible?

Most THC is absorbed into the system very soon after inhaling – it’s only a few seconds until liftoff. So, holding your hit won’t make much of a difference. Congrats on the great lung capacity, though.

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Where can I get a medical marijuana card?

Get one on the internet! There are many services that allow online prescriptions (though, technically, they’re more “recommendations” than they are overt prescriptions). Some send you a PDF version of your card in a matter of minutes, which is useable right away at certain dispensaries (others require the real card which arrives in a few days).

A bonus of these services? If you don’t qualify for medical marijuana, you don’t pay.

Yet most people qualify – it’s not one of those things where if you sneezed back in the 80s, you’re good to go, but if you say you have chronic pain, no doctor – over the web or in person – can really argue that you’re not. Of course, you can also obtain a medical marijuana card in person. Simply use Google to find a doctor in your area. The downside of in-person visits are the wait-times.

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Can I smoke before exercise?

The answer to this: it depends on the strain. If you smoke something known to induce relaxation, you’re not likely to break any personal cannabis questions records at the weight bench (in fact, you’re likely to ditch the weight bench for a plain old bench…any bench you can sit on). But some strains do provide pep, which may make your workout easier to endure and more effective as well. If you want to combine your workout with weed, consider Jack Herer, Blue Dream, or Sour Diesel (or a strain with similar effects).

What do I do if I’m too high?

Most potheads have been there at some point. While being too high is scary and makes you all but certain your heart will pop out of your chest and start singing like the alien from Spaceballs (hello my baby, hello my darling, hello my ragtime gal…..), that won’t happen. But, if it does, put it up on YouTube. There’s a few ways to counteract a too much too soon high – drink water, take a cold shower, go for a walk, use CBD oil, or swallow black pepper. Some of these might work for you, or you may merely be at the mercy of time.

Is weed more potent than it was in the olden days?

In thCannabis questions e olden days of the 1970s, weed wasn’t as potent as it is today. Per Herb magazine, modern ganja is around 57 to 67 percent stronger. The reason for this was that cannabis wasn’t limited to the buds in decades’ past: it also contained boring stems, leaves, etc. Add that to the fact there are now things like dabs and this isn’t our parent’s pot. Unless our parents are badasses.

Is pot a gateway drug?

Several studies have shown that pot is not a gateway drug

While this is popular rhetoric for prohibitionists, the science doesn’t back them. Weed might be the gateway to the hotdog burner at the local 7-11, but does smoking pot mean you’ll soon be smoking crack? No.

Does pot always cause paranoia?

The THC in cannabis is what causes paranoia and it’s very strain specific. Some strains are well known to cause a case of the worries while others allow you to forget any worries you already have. When strains are listed on sites like Wikileaf, they’re broken down by side effect. This isn’t one-size fits all, but it provides a general recommendation of which strains to stay away from if you’re paranoid about being paranoid.

Can I eat marijuana raw?

Technically, yes – you can eat it raw just like you can eat anything raw (Silly Putty, anyone?). But eating buds won’t get you high (and it’s probably not awesome for you, either).

The THC in marijuana is only activated by heat, which is why smoking draws it out

You can bake with pot and activate it as well, but since cannabis is fat-soluble, you need some type of butter or oil to make it work. Some people consume raw cannabis leaves in their smoothies. This provides the health benefits of cannabinoids without the accompanying high.

What’s the difference between sativa and indica?

Sativas are more energizing while indicas are more mellow. A good way to remember it is that Sativas are great for a Saturday night out on the cannabis questions town while indicas are good for an evening in….dica. Most strains are hybrids of the two, but one usually dominates. And, while the above effects hold true for many, it’s not inclusive: you may find an indica that makes you want to conquer the world.

Why is pot still illegal in most of the US?

That’s a good question. To quote Mr. Owl from the old Tootsie Pop commercials, “The world may never know.”