Earlier this year, comedian Chelsea Handler made an announcement on Instagram that she was getting into the business of legal weed. Handler will soon join the ranks of other high-profile celebs who are getting involved in the burgeoning business of legal cannabis that’s projected to be worth $24 billion by 2025.

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In her Instagram announcement, Handler expressed now that weed is legal in her home state of California that she’s gearing up to start her very own ganja conglomerate. She’ll join the ranks of other celebs cashing in on cannabis with companies of their own. From Snoop Dogg and Willie to Whoopi Goldberg and Roseanne, Handler will soon be in the celebrity cannabis club with a weed business of her very own.

In her Instagram announcement, Chandler said she plans to start her own marijuana line because weed is the “only f*cking thing that’s kept me sane since Trump was elected.” That and she wants to inform more people about cannabis now that its legal.

Who is Chelsea Handler?

Chelsea Handler is a female comedianIf you don’t know Chelsea Handler, you should. Born in New Jersey in 1975, Handler moved out to Los Angeles at 19 to follow her dreams of being an actress. She waited tables while looking for her big break, but like many that end up in Hollywood with big dreams of becoming the next big thing, it didn’t happen how she had planned.

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When she was 21, Handler was arrested for a DUI. During court-mandated DUI classes, other people in her class thought her portrayals of her arrest were hilarious. She decided to try her hand at stand-up comedy, offering an often-vulgar, outlandish act that caught the public’s attention.

She went on to start her own show in 2006, the self-titled “Chelsea Handler Show.” It only lasted a season, but Handler stayed relentless in her pursuit to wow audience with her quick wit, sharp tongue, and sarcastic style. Her more popular show, “Chelsea Lately” ran for seven seasons and helped her join the ranks of some of the most popular comedians in the business.

Something else that shot her into the ranks of superstardom was her 2008 book, Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea. Handler has written five books, all of them appearing on the best seller’s list.

Chelsea + Netflix

Chelsea has had a few Netflix projectsThen there are her Netflix shows. “Chelsea” was a weekly talk show that lasted only a season. When the show was canceled, Handler wrote a Twitter post that cited how “the past presidential election and the countless events that have unfolded since have galvanized” her. She accredited the show’s cancellation to her wanting to

“devote as much time as I can to becoming a more knowledgeable and engaged citizen and to focus on projects that have significance to me. My goal is to be better informed, raise my voice, and participate in a more meaningful way.”

She did this by staying with Netflix and running a mini-documentary series, “Chelsea Does.” In it, she explores four different topics: marriage, racism, technology, and drugs. According to Handler, her strategy for the show was to “just open up about myself and be honest and unguarded.”

If there’s one thing Handler isn’t, it’s shy. She’s open and honest. Real and raw. And she’s blatantly open about everything. Including her love for cannabis…among other things. She’s said she thinks all drugs should be legal unless “you act like an asshole when you’re on it.”

Chelsea Handler and Weed

Handler has admittedly been smoking weed since she was 16, although she maintains she prefers alcohol. In her show “Chelsea Does Drugs”, she openly consumes cannabis like the boss she is. First, there’s the six-course cannabis-infused dinner party she hosts with a few of her favorite friends. “At the end,” Handler says, “they revealed we had eaten the equivalent of four joints per person. We were dazed and confused for 24 hours.”

Chelsea smoked weed with Willie Nelson on her Netflix showThen there was that time she smoked weed on her show with Willie Nelson. Handler says she was high for two days afterward. “I literally couldn’t open one of my eyes,” she said. “His weed, he has his own line of weed for those of you who like weed, and you smoke weed with him…The worst part is as an interviewer I’m supposed to be interviewing him and I’m talking to him, and I didn’t take into account I was going to be completely, you know, disabled.”

Now Handler is ready to join Willie by starting her own weed line. When she announced her decision on Instagram, she said she was off to a weed farm to “pick a grow. It’s called a grow for those of you not in the know.”

In the other videos she posted to her Instagram story she says, “I want people to understand that you don’t need to get blottoed. You can just get a nice buzz to take the edge off.”

While Handler might not be smoking down like Willie all the time, she’s ready to get into the game. What Handler’s cannabis biz will look like is still a mystery. Since her announcement earlier this year, she hasn’t made any public announcements on what her business with Mary Jane will entail. She hasn’t announced a name, what products she’ll put out to the public, or if her ganja will be grown organically.

With the outrageous success Handler has seen since moving to LA to follow her dreams, however, whatever cannabis line she creates is bound to be a sweeping success.