Last year, Chelsea Handler announced that she will be creating her own cannabis brand. However, tonight she revealed she wants to do her due diligence first. Handler believes in cannabis and is still learning the business aspects. Handler was hired to host Cannabis luxury brand Canndescent's launch party for their latest vaporizer, Stylus, at the Montalban in Hollywood on Saturday night.

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Handler briefly spoke with Wikileaf about whether or not she had plans to launch her own cannabis production. "Hey you never know, anything is possible but most likely I will have my own line or brand," Handler said coyly. As for how what will take shape remains to be seen. Handler topped off the night with a stoney half-hour comedy in the guise of a Q&A with Canndescent CEO Adrian Sedlin.

CEO of Canndescent prior to the Q&A CEO of Canndescent prior to the Q&A (Sara Brittany Somerset)
"I don't want to just slap my name on a brand. I want it to be mine. I want to do it right and I want it to be for women. You are not a stoner just because you get high. Do you know how much shit I get done? " said Handler. At the Q&A Handler answered a myriad of questions and revealed she is working on a new Netflix Documentary about White Privilege.

She even opened it up to the audience to decide between two working titles: "What Privilege" and "It's Been My Privilege." She also went on to discuss how she first started smoking weed. "My first cannabis experience was with a bong. Who came up with that contraption? I went through a paranoid phase. I pulled myself over once on Santa Monica Boulevard once and hid in the bushes for a few hours and then I realized I can't smoke weed in a bong anymore, but something else must have been in that weed," said Handler. Unsurprisingly, there were a few points where Handler touched on her politics and how she uses cannabis to deal with Donald Trump's presidency.

"After Trump got elected I had a nervous breakdown. I was filled with rage and outrage. On the 6th day of his presidency, I was like, 'Why haven't they shot him yet?' I don't like to drink when I am angry.
I started with edibles, then vaping. Connect is my favorite vape for when you're high but still want to engage. Cannabis in the post-Trump era is necessary to take the edge off." said Handler. "We are going to live through prohibition and we are going to be embarrassed by it."
Canndescent's Stylus Launch Party The party featured a gumball machine -- although the gumballs were not infused. (Sara Brittany Somerset)
Stylus, Canndescent's newest vaporizer, is designed to look like a literal pen with a cap. It features a micro USB charger, three magnetic cartridge rings and pairs with Candescent's ultra-premium oil cartridges with their five signature effects: Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect and Charge. In addition to the Stylus launch, Canndescent confirmed they are about four to six weeks away from closing a deal on a manufacturing plant in Nevada, near Las Vegas.