The city of Las Vegas, more infamously known as Sin City, has officially opened the world’s first museum dedicated entirely to “celebrating the art, history, and culture surrounding marijuana.” Recreational cannabis only just became legal in Nevada as of 2017, however, since then, countless exciting new ventures have subsequently emerged to meet the rising consumer demand.

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The new museum, fittingly titled the Cannabition Cannabis Museum, held its big grand opening celebration on September 24th of this year. Attendees of the party marked the marijuana museum’s official opening with an aptly-themed hemp rope burning ceremony, in lieu of the more traditionally held ribbon-cutting ceremony. Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman and city councilman Cedric Crear were both present at the opening ceremony.

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Advertised as “the world’s first immersive cannabis museum and art installation,” the museum is well situated to take advantage of the increasing amount of cannabis tourism now hitting Las Vegas. Attractions include a working bong named “Bongzilla” that measures 24 feet tall, rumored to be the largest in the world, along with a ball pit filled with foam cannabis “buds,” and plenty of opportunities for cannabis lovers to “recreate and socialize.”

The museum’s immersive experience is made up of 12 creative installations, each containing photo ops for museum attendees to use, if they so choose, and one of which is called the “420 room”. The museum additionally houses an indoor cannabis grow room. Fans of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas will be ecstatic to learn that the museum is also showcasing the 1973 Chevrolet Caprice driven by the film’s main character, Raoul Duke, played by Johnny Depp.

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According to J.J. Walker, founder of the Cannabition Cannabis Museum, “We’re going to take people on a journey from what we call seed through high, so we’ve got everything from this giant seedbed…all the way through harvest with 7-foot marijuana buds that slide into a pool of nugs…and you conclude with the world’s largest 24-foot glass bong.” Historical information regarding the prohibition and legalization of cannabis is included throughout the exhibits. The museum also features a full-service bar as well as a gift store filled with cannabis-related paraphernalia for visitors to take home with them.

Although cannabis is certainly the focus of the museum’s exhibitions, marijuana users will still have to consume at home, prior to heading over to check out the Cannabition Cannabis Museum. Given the state’s current ban on public cannabis use, cannabis enthusiasts will not actually be permitted to smoke or consume cannabis on the premises. In addition, only those who are age 21 and older with valid state identification will be permitted to enter the cannabis museum.

If you aren’t a cannabis consumer, don’t worry; the museum is designed to be entertaining for everyone. Says Walker, “Cannabition is not about just serving people that like marijuana, it’s about serving the masses that want to learn about cannabis or just have fun and go do a cool art experience.” Museum tickets are available online for $24.20 at the Cannabition Cannabis Museum website: