Planning the Perfect Marijuana Wedding

Here's how to plan the perfect cannabis wedding

White dresses and flower girls! Tuxedos and seating charts! Move over open bars and cheesy wedding singers, the marijuana marriage train has made it to the station and it is BEAUTIFUL! Seriously, the sheer number of creative and enjoyable ways to invite Mary Jane to be a part of your wedding is staggering! From bud bars to less traditional floral design to hot boxing a hotel conference room, weed has found a hot home in the booming wedding industry! After all, the couple that tokes together, stays together! If you’re contemplating your upcoming nuptials, here are just a few of the ways you can make your wedding a 420 affair!

A Bud Bar!

This one is a no brainer but an absolute must have for any cannabis laced nuptial! With the help of a budtender, a few hundred of your closest friends, and your choice of the finest buds, your wedding can be the most memorable wedding of the season! Providing a wide variety of energetic strains like Green Crack, for your guests to choose from ensures a little something for everyone and having a knowledgeable budtender on hand to answer questions will ensure even the newest noob is able to relax and have a good time. For the health and or smell conscious, a vaping station is the way to go by the way!

Wedding Flowers Everywhere!

What’s a wedding without flowers? From the bouquet to the centerpieces, you’ll find no shortage of flowers in most weddings but, if you want to set cannabis wedding bouquetyour ganja nuptials apart, you’ll find no more beautiful way than adding a little bud to your floral arrangements. These additions can be as simple as a perfect green leaf in a boutineer or as complex as a beautifully paired boutique of flowers and flowers!  Of course, no centerpiece would be complete without a spray of leaves and buds to finish off the look!

Starting Off On The Right Foot!

If you want to make cannabis an integral part of your ceremony, and not simply relegate it to the reception, consider a “unity bowl.” Much like it’s flame lit predecessor, the unity candle, a unity bowl is a symbolic gesture that signifies the joining together of two individuals to create one life. However, instead of a candle, a unity bowl is a double hitter glass pipe that uses two flames to light the one bowl, allowing the couple to take their first hit as a married couple at the same time.

Ganja Goodie Bags!

Custom lighters to commemorate your special date, a few carefully chosen pre-rolls, and who knows, maybe a cute lil mini pipe or an engraved grinder? There are so many little treats you can curate to ensure your guests are as excited about the swag as they are about the wedding. You can include portable cannabis balm to soften your guests lips and treat their hangover headaches or perhaps even a sweet treat laced with a little sweet leaf for them to enjoy later!

Custom Edibles!

Just imagine, beautiful, tasty edibles made specifically for your special day! These can be wrapped in custom designed labels commemorating the day of your nuptials and creating especially for your unique theme!

From marijuana cake pops to cannabis infused party mix, there is something for every type of wedding

Send your guests home with a bag of gummy bears or a delectable brownie to keep the festivities going long after the honeymoon has started!

A Once In A Lifetime Meal

Did you know that you can have an entire meal prepared where every course features cannabis and is designed to build on the last? Why not treat your guests to a gourmet meal created with the finest ingredients and paired with the perfect herbal assistance? What better way to show your guests a beautiful, classy time than with a professionally created cannabis infused meal where they can relax, enjoy the company, and enjoy a once in a lifetime meal?

A Munchie Bar

This last one doesn’t specifically involve cannabis, but if you are serving up any bud at your wedding, it’s a touch your guests will be eternally cannabis wedding munchiesgrateful for! We’re talking Taco Bell at 2am, dying of hunger, loaded up on Pepsi and Doritos, food has never tasted so good, kind of grateful! Stocking a bar with classic munchie foods and plenty of soda to drink is guaranteed to make your ganja guests giddy! Bring on the Twinkies, Starbursts, Rice Crispy Treats, Cheetos, and pizza rolls! Of course, you aren’t limited to snack foods either! You could always bring in the Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and Jack In The Box! After all, nothing tastes as good as junk food in the throws of ganja pleasure!

Let’s celebrate a lifetime of love with a night of binge eating and giggles!

If these fun ideas don’t have you considering a weed wedding, I guarantee you are at least thinking of a badass cannabis laced party! Seriously though, if you and your stoner beau are looking for a memorable day worthy of your love of each other and love of the leaf, a weed wedding is the trend for you! So, go ahead and celebrate in style! And don’t worry, if you want to include a little ganja in a low key, grandma-friendly way, you can always opt for a hemp wedding dress, pot leaf cuff links, or discreet vape pens for your wedding party! Whatever way you choose, Mary Jane is sure to make a splash for your big day!

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