Cannabis Related Valentine’s Day Gifts

cannabis related valentine's day gifts

Shopping for Valentine’s Day isn’t always easy: chocolate is fattening, jewelry’s expensive, and roses remind us that there’s no point to any of this because everything eventually shrivels up and dies. Ah…romance! But if your partner hearts pot, the present potential expands, helping to assure that your V-day does indeed have a happy ending (or maybe a couple of them).

In fact, cannabis can improve your sex life on Valentine’s and any other day. But only when used carefully (if you’re male, that is).

How Marijuana Influences Sexual Experience

It’s well known that cannabis enhances the sexual experience in women: Mary Jane makes sex that much merrier. But according to Men’s Health, it likely boosts the sex life of men as well. Some doctors even prescribe it for men suffering from erectile dysfunction, low libido, and difficulty reaching orgasm.

Dose matters when you’re in bed with buds

For guys, too much cannabis hinders sexual experience: it can render men unable to perform or uninterested altogether (yes, it’s possible!). Too much, too soon leaves men glued to the sofa, more interested in the Mario Brothers than Maria Sharapova. But dose moderation helps: it’s recommended that guys about to have sex stick to strains with a moderate level of THC (around 14 or 15 percent) and aim to get buzzed rather than overtly high.

Women, on the other hand, often experience enhanced enjoyment regardless of dose (and, for some, a higher dose means better sex).

Cannabis Infused Products

Whether or not your sex life this Valentine’s Day could benefit from Mary Jane as a wing-woman, cannabis-infused products make excellent gifts. Buy them, love them, and put them to use immediately:

Foria Cannabis Lubricant: This lubricant (which is really a pre-lubricant) is designed for women who have a hard time reaching orgasm or relaxing during sex. But it’s not limited to those who need it: it enhances the already robust sex life too. The lube works by increasing blood flow but it doesn’t result in the same high as smoking or oral ingestion: it’s more of a below the belt boost.

Some men report enhanced pleasure with this lubricant, while others find it dulls sensitivity

The latter isn’t necessarily bad if you are trying to avoid being labeled as, “The 20 Second Thunder.” If you aren’t sure how it’ll affect you, experiment on your own beforehand. In other words, be a weed whacker.

Of course, if you don’t have access to Foria you can make your own using coconut oil, buds or hash, and sunflower lecithin. Just don’t tell your mother why you’re borrowing her slow cooker.

Cannadom Cannabis Flavored Condoms: It’s hard to trump the delicious zest of latex, but Cannadom appears to do it. These condoms are designed for couples who like the taste and smell of marijuana: they’re filled with the flavorscannabis condoms, valentine's day of a Willie Nelson concert. They don’t contain any THC, though, so these condoms won’t do anything to get you stoned, but they protect against STDs and that, alone, is its own kinds of high. You can purchase similar products on Amazon.

Edibles: Combining edibles and sex always comes with an inherent risk: because they affect people differently, there’s always a chance you and your partner’s high won’t happen at the same time. But, hey, in regards to sex we all know that nothing ever happens at the same time.

If you’re looking to give the gift of edibles, there’s a variety of food to choose from: chocolate, gummies, dipped strawberries, cookies, cakes, brownies, etc. But stick to something romantic and stay away from things like cannabis-infused cantaloupe.

Weed Bouquets: Weed bouquets are an up and coming trend with some pot enthusiasts even using them in their weddings. They’re what they sound like: bouquets made of weed. The downside is they can be hard tofind. They sell them in California, but only if you have a medical marijuana card (I have a fever for more cowbell and a weed bouquet). In Colorado, some florists will arrange the bouquet if you supply the weed (thanks to pesky laws, you must deliver on your own too).

Flowers: Naturally, the gift of flowers is appropriate for any lover, but especially if your lover is also a lover of cannabis (cue the three-way with Jack Herer (or the weed-way). Still, if you’re hoping to use weed before sex, certain strains are bettWeed Bouquet, valentine's day er than others.

As mentioned above, guys should stay away from anything too high in THC (unless you have tolerance or have found that the norm isn’t true for you) while women have no limitations (in regards to THC level or anything else – hear us roar!).

Some of the more popular strains for sex (or whatever else) include:

Silver Haze: A true hybrid with around 14 percent THC, it produces euphoria, creativity, and energy. It elevates the mood and other stuff….at least hopefully.

Grand Daddy Purple: While thinking of your granddaddy is never awesome in regards to sex, this strain brings about a nice body buzz with a powerful punch. Start slow and see how it goes.

Trainwreck: An exceedingly popular strain, Trainwreck is dominated by Sativa and very potent (those without tolerance should use with caution prior to sex). It offers inspiration, euphoria, and a soothing body high. It helps with focus too (baseball, baseball, baseball).

Flo: A hybrid slightly dominated by Sativa, medical marijuana patients use Flo when they’re suffering from arthritis, headaches, stress, and, appropriately, cramps caused by Aunt Flo. Recreationally, this strain offers energy without disorientation. It’s a good wake and bake strain or, if you’re feeling romantic, wake and bake and make out.

Skywalker: This strain does induce a bit of laziness, but it’s more relaxation than couchlock (you’ll still want to “do” things). It makes the user feel uplifted, content, and mellow. It’s also moderate in THC, often falling under 15 percent. That’s good news for you guys: Skywalker could prove great for the ol’ lightsaber.

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