Trips and Treats: Cannabis-Themed Halloween Parties

Cannabis themed Halloween parties

It’s October, that means it’s time to start decking the halls and cleaning the reindeer poop off our car windshields: Santa’s on his way! But, before we go all Christmas, all the time, there’s a few other holidays on the calendar. Halloween might be overshadowed by Old Saint Nick more and more each and every year, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting. It involves oodles and oodles of candy, after all.

For people who love marijuana, Halloween is the perfect time for a cannabis-infused celebration.

From partaking in strains that are scary good to pranks at the local pot shop, there’s a lot you can do to celebrate your love for ghosts, goblins, and ganja.

If you enjoy hosting parties, Halloween offers a novel idea: cannabis infused get-togethers. A great way to share with friends (old, new, and potential ones), these parties allow you to enjoy the holiday, even when you’re way too old to go trick-or-treating (you haven’t done it since you were thirty).

A few cannabis-themed Halloween ideas worth trying out include:

A Marijuana Themed Costume Party

One of the best things about weed is its ability to incite creativity and lightheartedness (if something’s not all that funny, weed helps you find it hilarious). Halloween costumes are fertile ground for imagination. But adding in a cannabis theme takes the act of deciding on an outfit to a more inspired level.

You might consider dressing up as a budtender or Jack the Tripper.

You might don a Grim Reefer costume or walk around as a headstone (or headstoned?).

You might be a CBDemon or a DEA agent who travels with a hornet trap (a major buzzkill). You might be a clown with the munchies or throw a saucepan over your skull and call yourself a pothead. You may even wrap your body up in toilet paper and go as a blunt. You can pretend you’re a mummy if your parents ask.

A Marijuana Strain Costume Party

Another idea that takes the cannabis costume one step further is to dress up as your favorite strain. Man dressed as pot plant You might be a white widow, complete with a veil for mourning and the obituary section of the local newspaper. You might dress up as Bruce Banner or a green goblin. You might wear a cheese costume or dress up as a Jack-Herer-o-Lantern. You might go as Purple Urkle instead, which is basically a Steve Urkel costume in the color violet.

There’s always a chance you already own a costume that doubles as a strain name – Alf, Alice in Wonderland, alien, or Skywalker, to name a few. If you’re really desperate, throw a sash across your brow and go as the headband strain.

A Traditional Party With Nontraditional Party Favors

Traditional Halloween parties are wonderful opportunities to see people you don’t see all that often and do things you don’t normally do: play spin the bottle, bob for apples, walk through a haunted hallway and pretend that the strobe light is really, really scary.

But when you add cannabis to the mix, it makes things a little more exciting: it turns a hay ride into a heeeeeeyyyyyyyy ride.

Traditional Halloween activities tend to lose their luster as we age – no one wants to bob for apples when they spend an hour doing their makeup. But marijuana brings back a bit of the joy.

An Edibles Themed Potluck

Throwing a potluck where everyone brings their favorite edibles is a good way to try different strains and take some of the responsibility off of your shoulders. Girl eating a cookie It’s also an opportunity to have a party people will love: they’ll think the ambience is great, though it’s literally just you, a kitchen table, and a bag of Fritos.

You might also suggest that everyone bring their favorite Halloween candy from childhood so you have something to eat when the munchies kick in.  The candy will go like hotcakes, except for that black and orange taffy that no one ever eats. There’s not enough pot in the world for most people to touch that stuff.

A Horror Movie Marathon

Too much THC makes us paranoid and that makes it conducive to Halloween.

On a night where it’s fun to be scared, this cannabinoid makes the scare much more potent.

So use it to your advantage: watch a scary movie as you inhale. Sure, you’ll likely convince yourself that the Blair Witch is trying to kill you each time you go to the bathroom, but that’s part of the fun. Besides, she totally is.

Party Planning Tips

Throwing a cannabis party takes a little more proactivity than a typical, boring, non-pot production. First of all, make sure the people attending are of age. This is especially true if you’ll have edibles.

No one can tell the difference between a pot brownie and regular brownie merely by looking at it. And cannabis candy – like sour gummies – is particularly problematic to have around children.

You should also have offerings that aren’t infused with marijuana; not everyone likes edibles and, besides, people will get hungry for regular food.

If you’re going to offer a smoker’s lounge, be sure your bongs and pipes are clean and offer hand wipes or something people can use to clean between smokes. gummy bearsPotheads have a reputation for easygoingness, but that doesn’t mean they’re never germaphobes. And be sure to have plenty of lighters. Otherwise, you’ll have to use matches like some sort of animal.

Finally, ask for assistance if you need it. You have friends to help you do things like plan parties (and move); hit them up for a hand. Or, if you want to escape the chore of preparation entirely, consider hiring a party planning company. There are businesses whose entire shtick is catering for the cannabis consumer.

Halloween has always been a time to kickback and let lose. If weed helps you do this, more power to you. And the plants too.

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