Cannabis Tea: Easy to Make, Healthy to Drink

Cannabis Tea is a good alternative to eating edibles

It’s tea time! For anyone looking to consume cannabis without going the more traditional smoking route (or downing a plate full of pot brownies), cannabis tea is here to save the day. So, what is this all about? Like with cannabis coffee (coffee made with cannabis), cannabis tea is simply tea made with marijuana. It provides an alternative to more overt imbibing routes – i.e., your boss might notice the joint in your hand but probably won’t bat an eye at the mug.

How To Make Cannabis Tea

If you can’t find marijuana tea in your local dispensary, you can get creative. This tea is easy to prepare and can be seasoned to taste. The most important thing to know is, just like when baking or cooking anything with cannabis, if you’re trying to get high, fat and oil are not optional; you need them to extract the THC. Keep that in mind – they’re a must, even if you’re on a diet. A second thing to know is that marijuana tea isn’t brewed as quickly as regular tea – there’ no turning on the microwave for ten minutes and then being good to go. Rather, from prep time to drink time, the whole process takes about half an hour.

To Make a Cup of Cannabis Tea, You’ll Need:

  • cannabis tea; ground cannabis in a grinderA gram of cannabis (ground)
  • 4 cups of boiling water
  • A tablespoon of unsalted butter or coconut oil


Time to Prepare the Tea

  • Pour the water into a pan and bring to a boil. Add in the butter or oil and allow it to dissolve. Toss in the ground cannabis with a tea strainer (or you can just throw it in if you don’t have a tea strainer sitting around)
  • Simmer for fifteen minutes.
  • Remove the cannabis by using a sieve. Pour the tea into a cup and enjoy. Marijuana tea isn’t well-known for its exquisite taste – in other words, make sure the sugar is on call.
  • You can save yourself time by using cannabutter (butter that’s already infused with cannabis) instead of regular butter or oil. You can also make non-psychoactive tea by removing the fat completely (as noted above, the fat absorbs the THC. Thus, no fat, no THC absorption).

Worth mentioning….

The effects of cannabis tea are similar to the effects of edibles. You won’t feel high as soon as you finish off your first sip – rather, it takes an hour or so before you’ll start to feel all the feels! If you have a slow metabolism, it might take as long as two hours. Don’t drink more tea – it won’t cause the high to arrive faster, it’ll only make it too potent when it finally does get here.

The Benefits of Cannabis Tea

We’ve discussed the benefits of cannabis numerous times over the years. But, tea – when consumed alone – is extraordinarily beneficial too. In fact, when you take a quiz to determine your longevity, one of the questions asked is whether or not you drink tea. There are many other questions too, of course, like your lifestyle, if you smoke, and your genetics.

The point is, tea is good for you by itself. And cannabis is good for you by itself. Put them together and live forever!

Some of the more specific benefits include:

Pain relief

Cannabis tea is good for pain relief, inflammationMaking your tea with a strain that is high in CBD (or buying a pre-made tea with CBD) may leave your drink even better armed to fight pain (though THC is an ally too against the ache). If you suffer from chronic pain, such as the kind brought on my MS or arthritis, this tea can really help.


Inflammation is both good and bad – it helps our body repair itself but too much of it does more harm than healing. When it’s chronic, all kinds of issues can crop up (including cancer). Cannabis acts as an anti-inflammatory much like aspirin does (but it’s not as hard on your stomach).


Speaking of stomachs, cannabis tea can help with digestion, helping to relieve cramping and constipation. It may also help reduce heartburn and acid-reflux if you tend to suffer from it.

Protection of the brain

Cannabis helps protect the brainAs more is discovered about the magic of cannabis, its benefits are growing increasingly obvious. One of these benefits is neuroprotection: cannabis helps the brain! This is most acute in the aging population – some people are theorizing that cannabis can protect against Alzheimer’s and dementia and eliminate (or at least prolong) age-related decline.

Anxiety and depression

No article on the benefits of weed would be complete without the mention of anxiety and depression – it can do wonders for the mind! If you suffer from mental disorders, especially those that involve anxiety, it’s smart to be careful about strain: you don’t want to smoke something that brings on the paranoia.

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