2018 has been a wild ride full of accomplishments, some pretty scary developments, and everything in between. The European Space Agency showed us what a frozen lake of water on mars looks like. Rosanne was revived and then canceled after an ambien-fueled Twitter rant by Rosanne herself. Oh and to make up for this weird year, Canada saved the day by legalizing Cannabis. Thanks neighbors. No matter who you are, you have almost certainly experienced loss, triumph, love, and heartbreak. As the year comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on the lessons it brought us, celebrate its completion, and prepare for the new year.  Here are some strains that can help you do that.

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Strains to Bring in the New Year

In a time when your social life follows you to the bathroom and the next distraction is one click away, contemplative thinking is a tough practice to master. Still, it’s important that we try to do it, and the end of the year is a symbolically powerful time to do that. The following strains will help you calm down, focus, and meditate on what you’ve been through this year and how you want to approach 2019.

Hindu Kush—This ancient landrace indica has been beloved by cannabis consumers for centuries. Hindu Kush will definitely force most users to slow down. The strain’s heavy high settles the body before unwinding the mind. While the high will likely end in sleep, it’s ability to relax consumers makes it a useful strain for deep meditation.

NYC Diesel—A sativa dominant strain, NYC Diesel provides users an intense cerebral high with mild body relaxation.  Used to buffer anxiety and depression, this strain will uplift consumers while allowing them to focus their creative energy on something meaningful and positive. The euphoria it provides may help users to channel more intense and negative emotions in a constructive way.

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Lamb’s Bread—Allegedly Bob Marley’s favorite strain, Lamb’s Bread is almost entirely sativa.  As is characteristic of sativa dominant strains, it provides an energizing cerebral high that naturally leads to creativity and contemplative thought. Turn up “Redemption Song” and wayfind to the beat of this strain.

Strains for the New Year Fireworks 

Whether you’re staying home or going out, you are most likely going to partake in some sort of celebration on New Year’s Eve.  You might need help managing social anxiety while interacting with people at a gathering, or you might simply want something to boost your mood.  If you plan on watching the fireworks, you may want to see them in a way you never have before.  These strains may be just what you’re looking for. Cannabis Strains to Ring in the New Year Orange Bud—For an indica dominant strain, Orange Bud is energizing and creativity inspiring.  Because of its mitigating effects on anxiety anddepression as well as its euphoric high, this is a good strain to consider if parties and crowds can be a little too much for you. Though this is an uplifting strain, Orange Bud provides users with classic indica effects.  It may alleviate bodily pains and leave you sleepy, which can be useful after the excitement of celebrating the new year.

Alaskan Ice—This potent sativa is just the right strain for the old soul who is bound to struggle to stay awake past their 9 PM bedtime. Alaskan Ice is 80 percent sativa and offers users the spunky high expected from that family of strains. Alaskan Ice will definitely keep you wide-eyed and awake for all of the festivities.

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Bruce Banner—If you’re in a celebratory mood and are looking for a powerfully euphoric high to keep you there, this sativa dominant strain might be for you. With THC levels as high as 30%, Bruce Banner offers users an intensely psychedelic experience that eventually mellows into a calming body high. Whether you want to party or marvel at the pretty fireworks, this strain will meet your needs and then some.b

Strains for Winding Down After the Ball Drops

Insomnia is one of the worst side-effects of a good time. After the excitement of your New Year’s celebration, you might be struggling to turn down the volume even if it’s just in your head.  Even if you stayed in, your mind might be racing with thoughts about returning to work, things that went well or wrong in 2018, and ways to actually accomplish this year’s bucket list. These strains are known for facilitating relaxation and inducing sleep.

Lavender—An award-winning indica dominant strain, Lavender provides the best of both worlds. It offers a sativa-like cerebral high conducive for meditation that turns into the classic indica body high ideal for rest. Lavender will help you relish recent memories of the party you just attended before helping you drift into a much-needed sleep

Ogre Kush—If you’ve done enough thinking for the day and want to dive into a deep sleep, this 80% indica strain is for you. Ogre Kush will fill your body with a soothing heaviness ideal for those who suffer from chronic pain and/or insomnia.  Make sure your company has left for the night before enjoying your Ogre Kush.

Strains for Energy on New Years Day

Once you’ve made peace with 2018 and celebrated the arrival of 2019, it’s time to get the year started.  While sleeping in an hour or so is a delightful way to begin, sleeping through the entire day probably isn’t.  These strains will help you bring the energy to 2019.

Green Crack—This wake and bake strain was made famous by Snoop Dogg who dubbed it with its interesting name after trying it. Green Crack gives users an energizing cerebral high. Don’t use Green Crack at night or you might not be able to fall asleep.

Jack the Ripper—We’re going with the weird names. The stimulating high is sometimes described as psychedelic, and the energy from that euphoria will help you start your year on a creative and uplifted foot.  Jack the Ripper is helpful in relieving stress, depression, and anxiety, all difficult emotions that frequently follow the excitement of the holidays.