Pot Strains To Pair With Any Halloween Costume


Tis the season to eat candy – ja-ja-ja-ja-ja-ja-ja-ja-jaw breakers. Halloween is upon us once again. From demons and debauchery to trick-or-treating (if you wear a mask, they can’t tell you’re middle-aged), October 31st is a day made for fun, festivities, and fright.

If you’re into cannabis, Halloween isn’t just about Milky Ways and Milk Duds (not until you’re high, at least). It’s also about finding the perfect strain to go with pumpkins (and pumpkin spice everything).

Choosing a marijuana strain for this day, like anytime you’d choose a strain, comes down to what you want: a little high, a lot of high, something that keeps you mellow, something social that gets you engaged in conversation (or all of that wrapped up in one tidy blunt). But there are some strains that fit snuggly into Halloween’s pillowcase. They go together like candy corn and fabricated disgust (you know you’d eat an entire bag if given the chance).

So, as you dress up as a clown or a cat or a clown afraid of cats, try a toke of the following smokes:


Cyclops Frankenstein is very high in indica. It has a tendency to put users in states that are zombie-like; you won’t try to eat your roommate’s face off, but you won’t be up for a game of Jeopardy either. On the medical front, Cyclops is used for anxiety and pain management. Given its name, who knows – it might also be used for uni-brows.

Jack the Ripper

Murder newspaper article No one knows who Jack the Ripper really is (Wilfred Brimley, maybe?), but he stalked London more than a century ago. His ambiguity is part of the intrigue: people love a good old fashioned mystery. But, while little is known about the actual killer, a lot is known about the strain named in his honor: it’s energizing, trippy, and a bit long-lasting.

 Durban Poison

Crossbones When you pick this poison, you’re picking a strain high in sativa. It delivers an out of body sensation that is energizing but powerful. If you’re a novice, or susceptible to paranoia, this isn’t a strain you’ll want to smoke before going into a haunted house. It might make it more difficult for you to separate murdering madman from “masked teenager being paid to jump out and scream as you walk by.”

Green Goblin

Claw mark The Green Goblin sounds scarier than it actually is. As a sativa, it’s ideal for any social occasion – it’ll keep you chatty and cheery. It also invigorates the creative mind, just in case you’re looking to come up with some original tomfoolery. Something that doesn’t involve egging Old Man Johnson’s house or stealing the pumpkins off of your neighbor’s front porch.

Ghost OG

Ghost imageNo Halloween is complete without a ghost sighting – but if you can’t see one, inhale one! This plant is covered in white hairs that offer a spirit-like appearance (hence the origin of the name). However, the high isn’t likely to make you appear very frightening. It’s more likely to cause lightheartedness or goofiness – you’ll feel more like Slimer from the movie Ghostbusters than Bloody Mary (from your bathroom mirror).

NYC Diesel

I heart DSL Anything with the word diesel isn’t likely to leave the masses shaking in their boots (unless the price of gas is back to costing an arm, a leg, and your first born), but NYC Diesel is a great strain for any Halloween night on the town because of its ability to boost your mood. Even if you’re not into the holiday – you dress up in costume but tell everyone that it’s only ironically –  this plant might turn you into a fan or at least someone who tolerates all the cliché trick-or-treating.

Zombie OG

Cartoon zombie Nothing speaks to this holiday like Zombie OG: Halloween is rumored to be the one night a year when the dead walk among us (hopefully Great Aunt Millie doesn’t remember that thousand dollars you owe her). It’s a great stress reduce (and pain one as well) and brings about a soothing sleep, but after you have a few hours of party time. If you live in an area where the local toughs are out smashing jack-o-lanterns and hooting and hollering up and down the streets, it’s a wise choice. Its ability to fight insomnia is something you’ll greet with open arms (and shut eyes).

Black Widow

The black widow is high in THC and offers psychoactive effects nearly as soon as you inhale. It’s not ideal for people who are new to pot Black widow mark (or even those who are prone to paranoia), as it, like the creature it’s named for, bites. If you’re going to try it, make sure you don’t have anything to do in the next couple of hours. And maybe have something on hand to take off the edge in the event the bite is a bit too intense (black pepper balls work for some people).

Speaking of black widows, here’s a fun spider fact to help you enjoy your October 31st in style:

Many species of female spiders won’t kill their mates if the males bring them elaborate gifts. If you’re a woman, this might be something worth mentioning to your significant other in the event your anniversary’s nearing.

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