Cannabis Strains for Anxiety Relief

These are the best strains to relieve anxiety

Anxious people have a love/hate relationship with pot: some strains reduce it and others make anxiety much worse. Because pot is linked to paranoia, it compounds feelings of unease. However, that’s avoidable if you ingest the right strain.

So, try one of the following:

Kali Mist

Very high in Sativa (90 percent), Kali Mist has won a few awards that it’d like to brag about: The Hydro Cup of 1995 and the 2000 Seed Company Sativa Cup. It’s psychedelic in high doses (and in lower doses for the novice) and not something you want to hit again and again all day long.

This strain is used for stress, anxiety, and depression, making it beneficial to both medical and recreational users alike.

Moby Dick

Immature Marijuana plant Sativa-dominant, Moby Dick has moderately high levels of THC (some report yields as high as 20 percent). This strain is very psychoactive: smoke enough, and you’ll see your own elusive white whale. Use it when you don’t have to drive anywhere, talk to anyone who writes your paychecks, or sign on any dotted lines.

The body high is sedating and numbing and great at limiting stress, depression, and anxiety

Hawaiian Snow

Hawaiian Snow might sound like an oxymoron and it sort of is when you consider that it’s a high THC strain that eases the mind. It induces light-headed cerebral effects that teeter between strong and not-as-strong. It also promotes the mood and floods the mind with creativity. The euphoria it induces is specifically helpful for anxiety.

Peyton Manning

Woman holding marijuana in her hand The Peyton Manning is a Sativa strain, it offers an uplifting high that helps focus the mind. The Indica is obvious too; the body high is calm and sedating. It’s commonly used to curb both physical pain (joint pain, mostly) and emotional. People with PTSD, ADD, ADHD, and bi-polar disorder find it effective.


Queso derives from the Cheese strain (not shocking, given the title) and offers similar effects. It elevates the mood, but fails to produce a strong head high. This makes it a good choice for pain relief, stress relief, depression, anxiety, and an inability to fall or stay asleep.

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